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  1. I am sure if this has been mentioned, but I see no number in the center of the altimeter, in this case, I am at around 4000ft:
  2. I don't think it is unnatural. In the UK, it is rather common.
  3. Snow or no snow, this is the Question.
  4. And GPU box, which contains of ice to submerge the GPU into, would then be a reality....
  5. I recently find out, to my dismay, adopting the 4090 also means one need the biggest case available, it may not fit a "compact" size case.
  6. I would not jump instantly and wait for the benchmark for either MSFS or DCSW before choosing side. And AMD not saying much on performance does not sell me anyway. Also, as a G2 enthusiast, I am waiting for G2 users telling me if this card works with the HWD too. Oh, one more thing: if XTX turned out to be great, fingers crossed the supply by that time would not be horrible like the 4090 was, and still is.
  7. Version 2.8 with and without mod
  8. If your MB-339 steps on the wrong branch, it can go pin-wheeling on the ground. I have never seen anything like this before on other planes (yet)
  9. Low-alt, anti-ship mission for MB-339A (Paid) This is a modified version of the mission originally come with the free mod version of MB-339. Experience once again what it means to fly between trees. Paid version of MB-339 is required (of course). Version 1.00 No active pause as default. Good luck!
  10. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map Update: 03-11-2022: MB-339 (paid version) added!
  11. So, it is not noticeable during normal timelapse. Thanks
  12. I do not notice the clouds are moving, so I am wondering how it could be done in ME. Thanks in advance.
  13. Been there done that. Sorry to hear that, mate. Hope you will enjoy this sooner than later.
  14. First I thought there were a Kiwi map…
  15. Have to agree. There was a saying “Pay full to enjoy early, pay a few bucks less and enjoy later.”TM It is entirely up to you.
  16. Buying an Italian plane (module) while first time in Italy is a totally new experience.
  17. Bought! Day 1 purchase as planned.
  18. It is a shame. Just get off form the HOTAS for a few days.
  19. Yes, I will be back on Wednesday. Polish it and make it right!
  20. Patch moved, no MB-339 for me before Italy
  21. We ARE patience not patient! If we were not patience, we would not be posting here now.
  22. E-shop page on a new tab, checked. Changelog page on a new tab, checked. Almost forgot -- E-shop logged in, checked. Payment information ready, checked.
  23. Almost there...almost there...(in Red Leader's voice)
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