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  1. Thanks. So I am looking at those "Airflow" cases and get more case fans...
  2. What about koala, in case I’ve missed something? Sharks! Yes, sharks! Let’s not forget about them.
  3. Oh, quickie. Is EVGA card is the best or can I get other brands which may be less expensive. The RTX 3090 are still not dropping enough at the time of typing.
  4. Experiment done: Observations: Rain drops can merge. They do not drift away when the plane is moving. However, they magically diminish as time goes by. I am not sure I can change the parameter to make the rain drop flows on the glass. One more:
  5. Yes, if one does not want this map, one's money will not be spent. True. I cannot speak for other but I don't see myself trashing the map, just it is not for me and I am thinking out loud I am not buying. Cool?
  6. The day when 2TB is not enough for DCS will come very soon, say 2-week.
  7. It seems that of all the more modern aircraft available, F-14 is the only one that exhibits this behavior.
  8. What do the numbers on the HMD mean? Thanks. Also, bug -- the game freezes when I try to eject.
  9. I am not sure if i am buying one to pretend the locations mentioned above. I am not likely to buy it for what it is shown. It is just me, again, and I wish the team very success.
  10. If this is the case, my Day-1 list would be, in no particular order: MB-339, F-15E, Kola, Sinai, Eurofighter, Kiowa, Afghanistan, F-8(?)/A-7, Korea I will need a 2TB drive for DCS alone.
  11. Moon, afaik, does not provide a thick enough atmosphere to support winged flights. OTOH, Mars does. IMHO, there have been too many dust bowls and snowy mountains, I think we need more forests and cities.
  12. Given some areas mentioned are marked as "political sensitive", I strong doubt those would be made "in reasonable period of time". One YouTuber already claims that we are "trashing" this map, and this map would great for hypothetical scenario. I say, first, people are having Caucasus to pretend to be Vietnam for years, and if this one is good then so be it, but I would put my £££ elsewhere for what this is, for now.
  13. Frankly, I have no problem with NTTR, okay? Nobody can force you to buy anything. This one has no appeal to me unlike the previous 2 announcements. It is just me, if anybody has interest, it is great.
  14. I would rather the inclusion of Coral Sea area, at least there is some historical context.
  15. Don't get me wrong, NTTR is the best performing map out there. Super smooth frame rate. A must have if you wish to be a Top Gun. The thing is, I really do not see the point of having this map, or may be it is just me...
  16. Thanks, I may have been mistaken that the F key is for manual thrust control or something like that.
  17. Yeah, playing around it for the time being, and the GS does it again Dang!
  18. 2022-08-25 Fixed the messages on Caucasus Map Add some fun testing missions for Marianas
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