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  1. Either in 6 days or in Two Weeks TM
  2. I just got an X-56, which is the first HOTAS with split throttle. Should I keep them linked all the time, and if I should use each individually, what would be the occasion? Thanks in advanced.
  3. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map Instruction video added:
  4. All are cold starts (“on the ramp”). The only hot start is on the runway/cat. Thanks for your interest.
  5. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map Update: 13-06-2022: Add carrier start to A-4E-C, add Hercules and Rafale (with flat top startup). "quickstart.lua" files are already merged. Some fixes here and there. Thoughts: I don't have all the plane modules and I have zero interest in warbirds. When I get my hands on MB-339A/PAN, F-15E, Su-27, and F-5, I am going to include them too.
  6. Ouch! This explains everything...
  7. Thanks and sorry, still cannot fly this thing for some reason, may be a conflict with other mods.
  8. And BTW, another shameless push, I am adding this map to my BFM practice mission set V2. It is a combination of the Caucasus and the PG map, of which the cloud below is a death trap. Preview video below:
  9. Shameless promotion: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322951/
  10. Turns out I must minimise the XRNeckSafer to avoid any FPS loss.
  11. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map QuickStart Missions including cold start, take off from runway and free flights on the South Atlantic map. I have made some quick-and-dirty QuickStart missions for the South Atlantic Map, with these planes: A-4E-C (*) A-10A A-10C ][ AH-64D AJS-37 A/V-8B NA F-14 F-15C F-16C F-22A(*) F/A-18C JAS-39C(*) Ka-50 ][ Mirage 2000C Mi-24P MiG-29 Su-25T Su-30MK(*) Su-33 TF-51D UH-1H UH-60L(*) VNAO T-45(*) VSN F-104G(*) (*) mod required There are 3 types of missions: cold start, take off from runway (or ground for helicopters) and free flight (except UH-60L). Some planes have the options to start on a flat top. Installation: copy the files to their respective QuickStart folders and you may have to merge the quickstart.lua file manually using a text editor. Feel free to use, including RAZBAM if you don'tmind, and modify them to your liking. When I see a need, I see opportunity. Edit: if you don't want to mess with the quickstart.lua file, you can treat it as any other 3rd party missions.
  12. Great work! Thanks. I am cross referencing MSFS 2K to see what I can find.
  13. T-45 is not a bad choice, either. Yeah, there is always the freeware MB-339A/PAN
  14. Looks like grass. May I ask where this is? Nevermind. I have found them.
  15. Ha! ED takes both, actually they take all!
  16. Sorry to hear that but my £££ is always ready for this!
  17. It happens to me also over Port Stanley, no matter what plane I am in, there are black screens on both 2D and in VR. Video:
  18. I run texture low and I get frame rate > 35fps over Port Stanley, 45fps over water and this (note that the use of XRNeckSafer BETA gives a little worse frame rate): I fly in VR, OpenXR + Quest2, mobile 3080, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz, 32GB RAM
  19. Bought and updating in progress...
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