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  1. Hey wanna throw this to ED why are you only adding miles for pre sales To Apache from your website and not Steam members that actually have bought most or a lot of your Modules on Steam ?
  2. did download? Might need to hit new if dcs starts ME with a map preloaded
  3. Steam saying Dec 1st but that just a Placeholder!!!!
  4. during first run while after install you can option what to install and what not to install under the 6 button icon on top of screen near setting If on steam i think you can decide what to install in manage my DLC Hope this helps
  5. Are you running as a instant free flight (there will be nothing ) If you are in a mission yes can be hard to see but briefings will help, also F10 to kinda see where located other then that some useful premade missions and campaigns can be found here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/ Hope this helps
  6. did you disable it in VR settings?
  7. There is a user file though for a10 too A-10A Basic Flight Training Qualification (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  8. You might have already checked this but in DCS Controls (Axis Commands) see if the VR controllers are not mapped for throttle Maybe just Maybe they are
  9. JayOneFox3


    funny it shows can download in Steam but when launch it not here. well Thank God i have beta too!!!!
  10. oh I see I just changed it to Broken 7(preset) base 1312 And much better ED should change it though
  11. Would be great if DCS combined these!!!! guess you could in a campaign with a map switch
  12. When i contacted him he is stating that due to chinese relations or something like that they are expecting long wait periods, thats all that he stated got them in 3 week after that about 1 month
  13. TOO True I understand the Apache wait!!! But the Hind Really? LOL well im just sitting on hands now
  14. always wondered is that an explosive gate on waters edge? thought i heard that somewhere?
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