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  1. Now filling A10CII seats! Please visit our website http://Www.jtf111.com to learn more about us and fill out an application. Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/Crswbm8TPs Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/315825936644151/?ref=share Still looking for F-16C Pilots as well. Thanks for looking!
  2. JTF-111 is recruiting! Who are we: JTF111, is a US based - Air Force semi-milsim group. We are a laid back community who like to goof off and joke around in discord but we take it somewhat serious in the jet. We are primarily flying the F-16C, with plans to fill some A-10CII seats in the near Future! What we offer: Dedicated server at a datacenter in the Midwest LotAtc server with key Combat Flite mission planning. Custom Liveries OVGME Repository Our Aircraft: Our Primary Focus is the [F-16C] but we are actively seeking pilots for the A-10CII in support for the CAS role. Requirements for Joining: ((Age 18+)) Hotas, Head Tracking (VR, TrackIR, etc) English speaking, and own Persian Gulf, Syria, and NTTR maps. (Modules and Equipment may be acquired within 30days of recruitment) The majority of our Operators reside on the East Coast but we do not have restrictions on your geographical area as long as you can make Training and Mission nights. Our Trainings are currently held on Tuesdays 20:00 EST and our Missions are on held on Saturdays 20:00 EST. We do understand people have lives outside of DCS but we do ask that you give at least 24hrs notice before a scheduled flight if you will be absent as we will need to make adjustments in mission planning, etc. How to Join: Fill out an application at www.JTF111.com, join our Discord, and schedule an Interview with one of our Admins. If you have any questions feel free to join us on our Discord Channel. https://discord.gg/Crswbm8TPs
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