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  1. How do you adjust the brightness of the IHADSS in the CPG position? In the pilot cockpit there are bindings to do so, I have them bound to a rotary on my throttle. In the CPG seat I cannot get it to adjust. I have tried the controls on the right bezel of the TEDAC with my IHADSS set as the sight, but it won't adjust it. ????
  2. Don't press the trim release to change attitude, it turns off the SCAS channel and then you have a wild horse on your hands. Really, it turns the SCAS completely off? As in I would need to go to the MFD page and turn it back on?
  3. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. I can fly fine. I can mostly take off ok but once in a while I have a hiccup. I am still doing rolling landings as well, and I fight with gaining altitude as I come in to land. But I only have about 12 hours in it so far, and things are slowly getting better, so I think it will come in time. I understand the frustration, I used to fly the crap out of the Ka-50 and could make it do anything I wanted so this has been tough. And as others have said, the module has a lot of improvement coming in time. Hopefully. The thing that really screws with my head sometimes is when I use the trim but then forget to recenter the control, and end up with the "dead" control and a chopper that won't respond to input. Grrrr.
  4. yeah, that would be difficult too. Best way is fly and shoot yourself. Well, not shoot yourself, but fire the rockets yourself.
  5. I'm talking about firing them as a pilot. I never ask George to fire rockets.
  6. I have been flying with my G2 at the same settings for the past year with nice smooth frames. Since the Apache dropped, I have had to turn A LOT of stuff WAY down to get acceptable frames. My PD went from 1.5 to 1.0 and a lot of other settings from High to Low, and its still not great.
  7. Rockets take a lot of practice! I miss the HUD and CCIP from the Shark everytime I fly the Apache. The hard thing is holding the target cross on the target while moving the helicopter to align the I beam. Try putting the I beam on the target, then moving the aiming cross over the target to set the range. And practice practice practice.
  8. The gun is a bit of a disappointment if you are used to the gun in the Shark. But, the Shark has a high velocity 30mm that is limited in traverse, so its a more stable, flatter shooting gun. The gun on the Apache is a much lower velocity gun and its on a rotating, shaking, mount. It is really an AREA weapon. I think of it more as a grenade launcher than a gun. It helps if you get in close especially if you are using the helmet as a sight.
  9. I am running my cockpit displays at 512 and they are very readable in the Apache. I turned them down from 1024 because I was trying to improve frame rates. Honestly looking at your specs you need a better video card to run that G2.
  10. I have flown the Ka50 quite a bit. Wags had said this would be the easiest to fly helo in DCS and its for sure not! I am still trying to figure out the best control and trim setup but this thing is a monster. It takes a ton of pedal at take off, and if I can successfully make a (very ugly) takeoff and get into forward flight, as soon as I slow back down below 30 knots or so I get what seems like a Tomcat trying to go into a flat spin. Its almost like none of the stability control systems are actually working.....
  11. I have had trouble with it wanting to go backwards when I pull pitch. Even shoving the cyclic all the way forward wouldn't stop it going backward. I think I have something wrong with controls or trim.
  12. I am sure someone could make a mod. I don't think too many people are going to be that put off by the M4 although it does block the view a bit.
  13. They are taking pre-orders now. Pop over there and get signed up.
  14. I wouldn't think Wags would spend his weekend doing AH-64 videos unless it was coming very soon.
  15. In one of the rocket videos Wags said that at early access we will just have a few "pre-configured" choices and won't be able to assign zones ourselves. Thats coming later.
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