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  1. Hey there Late answer but about the special afterburner, you have to engage the normal afterburner then the spécial one by pressing the corresponding keybind. There is a light on the lower central panel in front of your joystick that will illuminate. To disengage the special afterburner just throttle back until afterburner is disengaged and you're good to go!
  2. Oh! Sorry I didn't that this post! Thank you very much!
  3. Hello there, I have a stupid question: there is a gauge just on top of the HDD. I would like to know what it is for please? Have a nice day!
  4. Thanks guys, I'll try using tiny movements on my throttle too!
  5. Thanks, I'll give a try with the mousewheel encoder on my Alpha grip!
  6. I don't know if it is a problem in DCS, because some people can trim their planes, that's kinda strange
  7. Thank you for your answers guys. I know a guy who is using a T-50 grip and doesn't seem to have any problem with the trim. That's why I was asking this stupid question. Maybe I just need more training or a lightning bolt, like during my first AAR that I wasn't able to accomplish due to a simple thing. The guy who was flying with me told me a simple thing, and boum! I took a look in the Virpil programming software yesterday, and didin't find any strange thing or options about latency. In the Virpil joystick tester software, I clicked a few times on the hat, and it was activating between 65 and 95 ms. Doesn't look that bad...
  8. Do you mean that it is coming from the material or from the pilot?
  9. Hello there! I have a question, but first, a little disclaimer: I love DCS, I play only DCS since I discovered it. Can't stop. But I am absolutly not an expert in aviation or planes or weapons or whatever. I'm learning, and that's what I love in this game, a ton of things to learn. So, don't hit me if I say something stupid Here is my question: I am using a Constellation Alpha grip, and on every planes, the upper hat is what I use for the trim. The one on the right of the red button at the top of the joystick, a 4 way plus push. But I don't understand, even if I "click" once, I always overtrim. I just can't click once, and it compensates a little. And by clicking once, I mean pushing the hat no longer than a mouse click. In the F14B for example, it is a real nightmare (and yeah, I know that the wing sweep changes the trim I need ). The F14B is not the only example, it is the same in all of the planes I am flying who don't have a flying computer. Do you have a clue, maybe something to setup in my grip configuration? I didin't do anything but a calibration profile in my stick. Or do I miss something because I am steel a noob? Have a nice day!
  10. I love this mod! It makes the whole FC3 planes even more interesting! Now I know where are some useful switches in the 33 (like the fuel probe swich hat helps to be sure I ordered i to retract ) If only all the bindable swiches were animated, that would be so great. But back to the topic, that's a great job that has been done!
  11. Yes! And even if we can only have the F1 version, I'll be happy!
  12. Maybe there are no news because there is nothing to share yet? Please, let me hope
  13. As i read, they used Hornet's motors while waiting for the M-88, but it didin't take as long. OK, I was not all wrong this time
  14. I thought they were using snecma M88 motors. That's what I saw here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snecma_M88), but I am not an expert...
  15. It worked! Thank you very much @MAXsenna!!!
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