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  1. Updated to 2.7.11 today, eager to test the F-16s new FM changes. Instead, I was met by a crash or black screen. When I first launched DCS after the update, the small square window with the DCS logo on it popped up, just like normal. It closed out however, after just a few seconds and didn't launch the main window. I tried a few more times, removed all my mods, and then tried again. This time, it got past the small window and opened up the main window, but from there it just stayed black. No loading screen, no progress bar, no background. Just a black screen. Here is the log from my last attempt dcs.log I found one error right as it started: ERROR Lua::Config: load error Config/main.cfg:[string "Config/terrain.lua"]:2: attempt to concatenate local 'visibRange' (a nil value). There were a few more errors dealing with ED and 3rd party dev models, but the only other major thing I noticed was this: 2022-03-18 00:19:29.721 ALERT Dispatcher: Error starting Game GUI: [string "./MissionEditor/modules/TableUtils.lua"]:3: assertion failed! 2022-03-18 00:19:29.722 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:2 2022-03-18 00:27:03.867 INFO APP: application shutdown Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I was just trying a few things out in a mission, and after damaging my rudder, I noticed that I still had full authority over my rudder control, even though no part of that surface was left. It also seems like rudder damage itself is purely visual, as I've noticed that there are no effects on the flight, no matter how damaged it is. Video of damaged rudder: Digital Combat Simulator 2021-11-04 19-00-43_Trim.mp4 Fixed rudder (for reference): Digital Combat Simulator 2021-11-04 19-12-45_Trim.mp4 Track: rudder.trk
  3. When fighting certain aircraft, I've noticed that they tend to not merge properly. While most units go head-on until the merge, some aircraft like the F-15C, J-11A, and F-5E-3 (there may be more, I haven't tested them all) tend to pitch down a bit before rolling more than 90 degrees. They continue like that until the merge, and just as they cross my aircraft they righten themselves and pull up just in time to avoid hitting the ground. It really messes up BFM, as you can't even get in a proper fight with these aircraft. I've noticed this only since the last update, along with the other problems (such as the hornets hovering near the ground, which was posted earlier) with AI. J-11A InterestingTactic.trk F-15CInterestingTactic2.trk F-5E-3 InterestingTactic3.trk
  4. I noticed this happening to some of the larger objects included in the pack. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions as to what's going on here? DigitalCombatSimulator2021-09-2522-28-05_Trim_Trim.mp4
  5. I recently noticed that the right-side flap tends to glitch out when it or another part of the wing is damaged, or if the left wing is completely destroyed. It does not appear to effect the way the aircraft flies, and is probably just a visual thing. I have 2 videos of it, and a track to go with one of them. This happens almost every time, even if I remove all mods and liveries and do a full repair on DCS. Video 1 (didn't get track, sorry): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x1ziKhQ9_fKFNp8FsLe11CVyPcWbZIQ4/view?usp=sharing Video 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11FKHbGlshfJ-zU_AhKJ9KCMBM8Hzp2pr/view?usp=sharing Track: damage_bug.trk
  6. I was exploring the Marianas in an Su-33 when I crashed, but when I looked back at the crash site, where there would usually be a bunch of twisted, rusty metal, there was an undamaged Su-33 slightly sunken into the ground. This does not happen with any other aircraft as far as I have seen. DigitalCombatSimulator2021-07-0610-31-50_Trim_Trim.mp4
  7. I get this too, whenever I launch an AMRAAM in MP, the first thing it does when it comes off the rail is to pitch up roughly 45 degrees, and only when it reaches 90,000 feet it starts to track the target. I have a lock, I'm within range, and not using any loft.
  8. How do I get afterburners to work on the MKI? I have the throttle all the way up, and I've tried going from idle to full multiple times, but the afterburner just won't turn on.
  9. Does this mod work with DCS 2.5/2.7?
  10. I just noticed, I can reload missions as many times as I want if all the aircraft are AI, but if a single one is client/player, DCS will crash.
  11. Just wondering, could someone please link the mod in Google Drive or Media Fire? The current download link isn't working for me.
  12. Deleting "DCS" in my temp folder did the trick for about 5 sessions, but unfortunately it's crashing again.
  13. I'm loving this mod, but it's unusable in most situations for me and a lot of other people because things like the rudder, throttle, roll, pitch, etc. can't be bound to keys, which makes it very difficult for people to fly. The only way I can get this thing in the air is by binding my rudder to a spare throttle axis, and then driving across the airport like a madman to the runway. I hope keybinds get added soon, but otherwise, this is one of the best mods out there. Great work!
  14. Is VSN compatible with DCS Open Beta 2.7, or would I need to downgrade to use the aircraft?
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