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  1. Hi, I noticed 2 bugs during my M12 gameplay (played it 3 times now) and so far I didnt find anyone reported them here so here I go: 1st: Just a small one - during radio check on SC the frequencies are switched (check on PRI is done on AUX and vice versa). 2nd: This is a bit more problematic - during the fight with SU-24s I forgot (heat of battle) to report my splashes with space-bar press. Because of that (I presume) the F-14 didnt shoot at me after the initial battle had ended. As a consequence I couldnt finish the mission (I even flew right to the F-14 but they didnt react on my presence so I shot them down - nothing happened). 3rd time I flew the mission I focused on not forgetting to report splashed with space-bar and everything worked. Anyway great campaign so far!
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