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  1. I would also like to know more about how these files can be modified to correct/change AI behaviour. There's nothing more frustrating than spending a few hours authoring a complex mission just to have the AI not do anything close to what they were programmed to do.
  2. Ha same here. I actually quite like the DCS ME. I just get frustrated when I spend hours making these complicated missions only to have the AI not even come close to doing what they're supposed to be doing.
  3. Start enroute task. I don't think there's an option for attacking under Perform Task.
  4. Thanks, I already tried that. I mentioned it in my post above, although I realize I didn't phrase it very clearly. It's what I meant when I wrote: So yah, for the ones carrying rockets, I set the weapon to rockets, cannon for the ones that only had cannon, etc. Same result. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Hi there, I created a mission with 3 enemy ground groups and 3 enemy ship groups. I then created 6 Mosquito groups, and loaded the Mosquitos with either rockets, bombs or cannon, then assigned one of the six target groups to each of the Mosquito groups. So its set up like this: Mosquitos with rockets, set to Anti-ship Mosquitos with bombs, set to Anti-ship Mosquitos with cannon only, set to Anti-ship Mosquitos with rockets, set to CAS Mosquitos with bombs, set to CAS Mosquitos with cannon only, set to CAS In each case, I created a custom waypoint task to attack one of the surface groups, weapon to auto (tried setting to only weapon carried, no difference). Also turned on override AI decisions. The result is that the first two groups in the list above attack all ships (not just the ones they're assigned). All other groups just RTB as soon as they spawn. I tried creating a 7th Mosquito group with all weapons and attack within zone (instead of attach specific group), with all targets within that zone. This group also just RTB's as soon as it spawns. Mission and track file attached, hope this helps! mosquito ag issues.trk Mosquito AG test.miz
  6. Oh wow thanks! I was wondering what those were, for some reason I didn't even think to click on them! Smh
  7. Hi there The latest beta update says there is now a section in the mission editor to set bomb fusing and other parameters, but I can't find it for the life of me. Can someone point me to it? If this isn't how fusing is set, can someone please explain it to me? I did notice that the bomb descriptions in the loadout editor talk about "turns of the arming vane", but I couldn't find this in the cockpit or the keybind settings. Thanks!
  8. Dude! You're my hero!!! I can hear the theme music now!
  9. Hey just wondering, has anyone put together an old fashioned Magnum P. I. Island Hoppers skin for this chopper? Looking to get my Tom Selleck on!
  10. Which is exactly what you WOULD say if there WAS a secret base!!! Let the search continue!
  11. Myself, I found the base by eating a plum floating in perfume, served to me in a man's hat.
  12. Very excited about this! Just to be clear, will it be necessary to own the Ka-50 to use this mod? Thanks!
  13. Hi there, is this included in the latest version now linked? (13.1.1)? Or do I still need to add this manually? Thanks!
  14. Is your open beta in c/program files? If so, windows considers this a protected directory and prevents changes to files. Try moving your beta install to the same drive as your stable, or to a different folder on c.
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