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  1. Test apache thomas-20220705-153114.trk
  2. Simple Track 2 peoples in Multiplayer on caucasus, nothing on map Test apache thomas-20220705-153114.trk
  3. i have a virpil alpha R and a CM2, you want the keybinds ? that don't really help you, the pilot seat is pretty EZ to bind
  4. Interesting features, a friend of my squadron doesn't have the problem, and it was the first time like a CPG in AH-64D I suppose during a update, the keybinding recieved a modification. I will reupload a small track
  5. Someone have news on this topic ? Still existing on my test server
  6. Here the track, same mission as youtube video uploaded before Sorry for the size https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NkKiGST3bpDW2ZjTHy0s9qk8bogGkWkG/view?usp=sharing
  7. That not a track but at least you can see a video here :
  8. Like all aircraft with 2 slots, you have to play it with a humain, otherwise you will not get the true experience, what a mess. A multirole aircraft like F16 F18 is always a good investisment. KA50 is better if you will play solo and alone. Apache is magic if you play it with a team and someone
  9. You still try to reproduce ? if you need, i can provide track with 2 players on a dedicated server
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a pretty good fan of F16 hotas control and ergonomics stuff, as you might know when you slow your TDC on right or left of the FCR you go to Azimuth 6 to Azimuth 3 on RWS, could we have the same logic in TWS mode ? Maybe it's coming with the F16 may update, i saw too many videos to remeber that particular features Kind regards
  11. Hello Surrexen, Do you script the SAM site? i got weird behavior with HTS pod on F-16, some SA-2 SA-3 SA-6 lock my aircraft but i can't see them with HTS POD, maybe smart site ?
  12. Missing both, beacause if i play alone -> KA50 , if i play with a human AH-64
  13. I still fly the black shark and i still love it. hope BS3 give him a RWR
  14. Une petite serie de video se met en place, vous avez la création de waypoint, le fonctionnement du trum et d'autre a venir, voici la playlist : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4j_os41_iqlbX6kkQMbnmw/playlists
  15. I don't play solo, but the pilot have tons to work to do
  16. Depends if you use george or not, with 2 humans in same aircraft you have new thing to do (if you have F14 you have some advance here) Helicopter are hard animal to tame and apache is easier than huey in terme of pilot skill but you get tons of systems. For me isn't a easy module, but nothing is impossible and i really enjoy that difficulty. keep in minds apache need times. You cannont master it in 1 month
  17. Bonjour à tous, La communauté Fox 3 vous propose quelques petites vidéos tutos sur l'apache, nous préparons d'autres vidéos en ce moment même, nous essayons de faire un format rapide malgré la complexité des systèmes et surtout avec Pilote et Co Pilote humain Video cold start simplifié : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbY4NMle5qw&t=1s&ab_channel=Fox3DCS Video Gun pilote : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnlq6G8E7-8&t=1s&ab_channel=Fox3DCS Video Rocket pilote : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fangw55vBrU&ab_channel=Fox3DCS Video Hellfire pilote et co pilote : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGMWEC9AXE4&ab_channel=Fox3DCS J'espère que ça vous aidera , A bientot et Fox 3
  18. Thank you for your support, Apache will be a amazing update, i'm not sure to continue flying F-16 when apache come haha Yes if you can add a faster tanker for F16 and F15 (we can dream about F15E) for a further update it should be really cool A10 have a huge range, that not the case for the F16 without external tank and if you use the after burner I will try to modify only the SEF_SHELL_SPAWN(), I will keep you in touch Fly safe
  19. Hello Surrexen, Merry Christmas I'm trying to modify you mission, i'm a big LUA noob, I try to modify or duplicate the existing KC135 to be faster (Ok to refuel A10, pretty slow for a F16) What file i need to modify ? From my understanding, it's the 'Scarlet Dawn Templates' and the 'Scarlet Dawn Mission' in that function 'function SEF_SHELL_SPAWN()' Could i add another aircraft or i need to duplicate all the function and have something like 'function SEF_SHELL_SPAWN2()' with different settings ? The mission file call the template file ? not sure to understand the structure. Sorry for that basics editing, when i simply try to modify the speed of the Shell , the game crash Regards ,
  20. For the joytick i will say it's similar to plane, for rudder, i will suggest VKB due to mechanizm , i spent lot of hours to collect feedback and on reddit if i remember well i found a post from a Helos pilots ( really small, bi turbine, blackhawks etc) he said the VKB was definitly close to the reality for Helos, you just have a extra lenght compare from real world. However MFG is a excellent choice if you want Helos + Planes
  21. I never complain about FPS in DCS ( i have a RTX 3090 ) except since i buy the KA50 and you can see a huge impact with and without skhval on/off. I think Helos need a improvement somewhere and ALL the game need something I know my I7 59300k is a old processor but with NVMe + 32gb of RAM and a RTX 3090 i think i can manage more than 50 FPS in 2560X1080.
  22. I'm running with a old processor ( 5930K ) with 32 gb of ram and a RTX 3090 when i took a helicopter on Syria map my frames can't go higher than 45 - 50 FPS i'm running 2560x1080 without Vsync .. DCS have serious problem with game optimization
  23. Hello Viper pilots, Do you we have in future a JHMSC like the FA18 when we want to do some air ground operation ? atm without steerpoint in quite a pain to designate at the last moment ....
  24. i cannot recommend a RTX 3090 at all , the main problem with DCS is just a horrible optimization, On Syria with a chopper (KA50) i can't get more than 60 FPS, i have some drop to 20 I7 5930K 64 gb ram RTX 3090 running in 2560X1080 a friend with a 6900XT got better result in 2K. DCS can't exploit the power of RTX 3XXX series
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