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  1. Hello, I am using the 802-AK for anti-ship strikes and the thing seems to be very unreliable. I have tried it with and without RP points on DIR, locking it each time with the SEA2 radar. Also on LOS. It just doesn't acquire the smaller frigate that I placed on the map. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? Please fix this if it is. I am on the stable version of DCS.
  2. Cool. Thanks! Yeah, I have the PLAAF digital skin pack, which is nice and comes with a skin for each type of terrain.
  3. Hello, I realize that the main operator of the JF-17 is Pakistan, but we could use some more fictional or non-fictional skins. I have read that the Argentinian air force is considering the JF-17 as its new lightweight fighter/bomber. Nigeria already operates the aircraft, as does Myanmar. In comparison with other modules, the JF-17 is weak in its offering of skins. Make some up even if they don't exist!
  4. I just found this thread. I am having the same problem: my weapons go red in the stores management system after making what I feel are not abnormal turns. Is this normal? It seems to be a bug. I see players turning all kinds of ways in other ways, and their weapons don't fail. This is very strange, and ruins the fun. Please fix.
  5. Hello, When I take air-to-ground weapons out on the JF-17 and make hard turns, the weapons/pylons fail. Is this normal? Is this a part of the realism, or is it a bug? If the former, then I have to say, that's a serious design flaw. Are there any fixes to this? I'm pretty sure that it doesn't happen on other planes . . .
  6. Hello, I tried using this mod and encountered something strange after performing all of the pre-flight checks: my controls wouldn't work. I use a keyboard and mouse. I was able to unlock the throttle and throttle up/down, but I could not use the pitch or rudder functions at all. Am I doing something wrong? Just wanted to report this bug. I had also turned on the "I Don't Have HOTAS" option, because I don't use HOTAS. Please advise.
  7. Hello, Cuesta Brothers! A question: do you plan on upgrading the textures inside the cockpit for this aircraft? It looks magnificent except for that portion. You could compete with the other community, clickable mods out there! It would be so cool if you made a partially clickable cockpit (like the new Gripen community mod). Just wondering! Great job: my friends and I fly this plane ALL the time!
  8. How do I give the Mirage F1 the MiG-29/Su-27 cockpit? I am used to flying with that cockpit. Can you help?
  9. Serval -- It won't let me spawn into the aircraft when I make these changes. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I am attaching the MiG-31 mod's ORIGINAL "entry.lua" here. Could you fix it for me? I know how to download your .RAR and extract the files into the mod directory, but I think I am doing something wrong in the .lua, cuz it won't work. I can't spawn in as a player. entry.lua
  10. Serval -- Update -- I am unable to spawn in as a "client." Any idea how to fix it? It's for the MiG-31 that we mentioned earlier. It just won't put me into the cockpit at all.
  11. Thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate it. I agree with you: the original mod is indeed dependent upon locked .lua files (in the Bazar > planes directory). We need to un-do that somehow and make it like other mods, which do not need files there. If you figure out how to do it, let me know. In the meantime, I look forward to flying this thing with your new model!
  12. Hi Serval, I have been searching for a way to fix the current MiG-31 mod by Robert (.LUA attached), but have not as yet been able to. Basically, the plane handles awfully: it cannot climb to 80,000 feet like it can in real life, cannot reach Mach 2.8, like it can in real life, and so forth. It stalls out after 45,000 feet--the typical defects in the AI flight model. I have attached the .LUA to this message. Can you explain how to fix it? This .LUA normally goes in the Bazar > planes folder. It seems to be one of those mods that relies on the files that are already present in that folder. What can I do? I really want to fly this thing and have fun, but right now, it does not fly like a MiG-31 would! Your advice appreciated. MiG-31.lua
  13. All, Could someone please help with fixing Robert's MiG-31 mod? The mod works well, but the flight model is off, perhaps because it's relying on some AI model. The plane is supposed to reach 70,000 feet (or more) in real life, go Mach 2.8, and handle at least a little bit better than what it does now. Even Robert has admitted that this part of the mod needs work. I know that it's not a super maneuverable dog fighter, but it should at least fly in a manner comparable to the VSN mods. I don't know what flight model those use. I have attached the mod file to this message. Currently, this file goes into Bazar > Database > planes. I've noticed that other mods don't work by replacing the "planes folder" LUAs. I don't know what to do. I really want to fly this thing, but it simply can't keep up because of the terrible handling! Note that this is for DCS 2.5.6. I never upgraded because I enjoy all of the mods. And just for the fun of it, a video of the MiG-31: MiG-31.lua
  14. Thank you so much. I added these lines of code, but I still cannot switch to "BVR" mode, or the vertical air-to-air mode, etc. It just has "1" and "7," for air-to-ground. Is there any way to give this thing BVR or at least the vertical lock mode? Also, could you perhaps help me with another problem? The MiG-31 mod by Robert (with refueling) has horrible handling, cannot climb to its indicated altitude (something like 70,000 feet), and cannot go anywhere near Mach 2.8, like it's supposed to. It seems to be a "flyable" mod that relies on the .lua present in Bazar > Database > planes, etc. It's really awesome to be able to fly it, but is there any way we can fix these handling characteristics? I've attached of the mod file here. Note that I've modified some of the weapons. I still fly in 2.5.6 because I like using mods. MiG-31.lua
  15. Hello, Does anyone know how I can add radar to CubanAce's MiG-23UB? It kind of sucks not having radar on that thing. Really nice plane, but it needs radar!
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