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  1. It rarely happens that military vehicles are in motion when war planes are in the air, it is logical that they hide , and therefore turn off the engines, whoever read the book A-10 over Kosovo in 1999 knows what I am writing about. A-10 specifically had a problem to find anything from the vehicles other than the models that were set up to be hit but also other aircraft with TGP.The point is that the TGP is forced to watch vehicles parked or their engines turned off.The same goes for and actions from their weapons.
  2. A good tutorial is worth it, but still the solution to this problem that generally bothers most members here is to finally solve the problem of too bright light in TGP with the new update, I sent pictures only of TGP from the night task.Problem is Maverick screen,the flickering cross is almost invisible when the target is locked, I shoot at random often thanks to intuition...Last time I praised the new FLIR because now you can see the smoke from the affected vehicles with the cannon, which was not possible before, but certainly for night tasks there was still the problem of light
  3. What I took painted is really awful, it can't be compared to the former TGP, during the day it is somehow acceptable, I personally think that while the systems of other aircraft are being improved within DCS, this most important part of the A-10 itself is neglects and now we have this, there is nothing I have not tried 3 months, but there is no use, on the night with the moon it is a little better, without the moon it is like in the pictures.
  4. The TGP on the A-10 is no longer as good as it used to be, I just dropped a post about it from the night job, it's even worse there, there is hope that someone will finally fix it...
  5. From the title of this post it can be seen that TGP is actually useless for night tasks. Although I found some balance in the setting here the BRT 20 / CON 35 / SYM 30,specifically set on moonless nights it is awful.Targets are practically impossible to find or see, obviously it works a little better when there are moons in the sky, I would say that TGP deteriorates in A-10 while working on improving other aircraft and their systems in DCS. And here are some pictures...
  6. I had a hit from ZSU, I extinguished the right engine of the badly damaged fire and managed to land safely, I didn't even throw away the remaining weapons, for your answer it is ... Yes, it is possible.The A-10 has now made great progress in DCS on all issues of reality
  7. Okay, you heard me, and I've already heard that you're satisfied, but I didn't just ask you, if you don't want to help or you don't know maybe there is someone who knows, on this forum ours is a lot
  8. Hello, can this method reduce the brightness of TGP and Maverick TV,It would be very useful at night ??? Thanks
  9. For me, everything remained the same in the A-10, I agree that new skins should be added, and to work on TGP specifically for the A-10 not to light up at night and to make work easier, it seems to me that the A-10 was a bit neglected in terms updates, I praised the rest and I have no objections..I hope that someone will see this and fix the TGP because this is not just my suggestion or remark, but many on this forum...
  10. Hello everyone, I have to write that I am very pleasantly surprised by the new update, now after 3 months of flying on the new A-10C but I don't like that name (New) It's still only A-10, I notice smoke at TGP after shooting cannon, I don't know if anyone else noticed, so far at least I haven't seen smoke after the action of the cannon, regardless of rockets or bombs. My wish and suggestion is to pay a little attention to TGP in A-10 for night tasks and correct too much light in some new update, secondary shadows are also good, here are the compliments and wishes that are not only mine to update TGP for the night of work, greetings to all
  11. From a normal view in the cockpit it is impossible to see targets on TGP, the worst is WHOT, I started to use LAlt + F1 intensively during night tasks and do not adjust anything at all, I would ask once again to fix TGP in the next update and minimize night light.Also from the beginning I personally have a problem using TGP in cannon attack, during deep dives between -20 to -30 and more TGP loses grip and strays from the target.I think that intervention is needed here complete TGP for A-10C...
  12. LSS obviously won't launch targets on its own without JTAC units or anything from the ground or air (a major shortcoming) and for the first time I wouldn't know why there is no line for dropping bombs for CCRP, it's strange to me, look at the whole procedure again and whether target you have as SPI.But if you can use LSS on your own, I'd like you to share that experience with the A-10
  13. There is something wrong with this new TGP, since I switched from the original DCS A-10C There the TGP was useful to work both at night and during the day, this one shines too much at night, has a problem and loses target capture during attack with a cannon from a great dive steep, which perhaps bothers me the most, it never happened in the original version,Maybe there's a change ... maybe. Maverick TV is also too bright and crossed lines are very difficult to see at night, you can switch it to dark using Left / Right + RAlt..
  14. You can use Right or Left+ R Alt to change the color on the Maverick screen..From white lines and cross to black and vice versa
  15. You are right, the area where I had problems is like that, wooded and in the hills Could there be a problem if something changes in the map from the mission editor in the MARK POINT ON / OFF option, I messed something up yesterday, and there was a problem with the work, then I unchecked it and Mav started
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