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  1. Thanks for all your kind words. I'll update my Peruvian MiG-29 first and then I'll have a look of whats next. I guess there are alot of Polish MiG-29 liveries out there, aren't they?
  2. Version 10 of the skin pack uploaded. It's a massive update to the whole pack. Please find details in first post
  3. It's ok to nitpick It's good to have feedback. The plane on the image is a MiG-29G and only the last two digits are dynamic and small because it's a MiG-29G. The skin pack contains also MiG-29A with fixed numbers which have the normal size.
  4. Release will be very soon
  5. Hi Texac Your German skins are looking amazing. May I ask you for permission to include some files in my DDR MiG-29 skin pack? My skin pack includes Erprobungsgeschwader 29 and I would like to use your "Luftwaffe JG-73 Standard" as base for this. Maybe I'd like to include your metal skin of the engine nozzle as well. What do you think?
  6. I really like the cleaner MiGs Thanks for the advice
  7. With the next release I'll also update the colors of the 4-tone scheme. The current colors are on the plane in the back while the new colors are on the plane in front
  8. Work on more realistic engine nozzles finished Comparison shot of new nozzles (left) and default nozzles (right)
  9. Unfortunately I cannot change the position of the dynamic BORT numbers but with this positions you can use the same livery but with different numbers
  10. GDR 745 is completed and I also fixed minor details on all GDR Fulcrums. So we have now three different schemes, which all are as close to real as possible. Next I'll add WTD-61 Fulcrums and remove the "Eurofighter livery", then I'll upload this new version of my skin pack
  11. I started the work on the Bare Metal Ethiopia Sabre. I leave the bort numbers dynamic so you could use the same skin for multiple planes. currently the bort numbers are incorrect on the screen. Does someone have informations regarding the nose painting or was it completely bare metal on the nose?
  12. Those Ethiopian Sabres are looking indeed very interesting. I'll have a look after my holidays
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