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  1. I'll begin here by saying I'm relatively new to DCS (last couple of years) but bought this campaign as I loved Raven One and also have been playing Liberation. But...I'm really struggling to get anything from the campaign at the moment. It suggests my wingman and I need to fly SEAD but all the air defences seem to be IR Sams or AAA so HARMS are useless and on every mission the weather is so bad the cloud cover means I can't even see anything on the ground let alone target it with the pod. So I've no idea how I'm supposed to run a SEAD task given those circumstances? If I hit the strike targets given to me there seems to be no acknowledgment that I have (in terms of the campaign progress) and I just get told that I need to focus on something else at the end of the mission and little seems to change in terms of the percentages / campaign progress. Also I'm really confused as to how to plan a mission when I have no idea where anything is other than by taking a screenshot at the end of the last mission - you get a rough idea of where things are but you can't plan any precision strikes against anything. Am I missing something here - I thought it would be like Liberation but with a story attached to make it more immersive and interesting but at the moment I just feel like I'm flying the same mission over and over again and not getting anything from it. As I said I'm just concerned I'm missing something and going about things the wrong way! Cheers
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