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  1. How different will the radars be? Will either of them have the "look down shoot down" CAA mode added?
  2. Absolutely gorgeous radar display, the clutter is lovely! cant wait to see more about this, guess we wait for RedKite to teach us. hopefully not too far behind!
  3. EE doesnt as well, as far as spain was concerned the EE was applied to the same roles as the CE. CCIP and ground attacking stuff wasnt until the F1M
  4. The only one confirmed to get S530F is the Mirage F1M, Hopefully Aerges will back-port the Super 530F onto the other versions since they plan to model it anyways, I cant think of a reason not to, and of course, it would just be very cool
  5. The R530 will very much be a "better than nothing" missile, think R3R with a longer range but slower off the rail. R530E (IR guidance) is rumored to have limited all aspect at high altitude on a hot target, similar to the british Red Top. although this is something you shouldnt be counting on. Once you're in the merge you would probably be best suited dropping the 530s off with your fuel tank.
  6. The silence is killing me, we know the Radar work is underway, but what else is there to develop afterwards?
  7. Interestingly Spain did operate an F1 with Anti radar missile capability in the form of Mirage F1EdA (Compatible with BAZAR Anti radiation missiles) however Spain did not purchase any BAZARs and of course the EdA is not a planned version that the moment, still cool though
  8. These are about the videos, as well as some other stuff, but mainly stuff I would like to see showcased on a pre-release video, such as the radar systems.
  9. I hope to see it too, I wouldnt worry so much about hardcoding it as anyone who doesnt want to use it, can just not use it. ED did everyone a big favor by adding the weaponry customization for mission makers last year, one of the best additions imo
  10. I would rather not get deep into my financial situation on the ED forums, but the F1 wont be free and it will be nice to know the answer to some questions. im going to cease this conversation to keep the thread as short as possible.
  11. there is no "worrying" as much as "wondering" maybe one day I too will have enough money to care as little as you do, in the mean time it is nice to know what I am setting my money aside for.
  12. With the news that the module has been passed onto internal testing and the news of video content coming in the next few days im sure we all have a few questions in mind. How will the radar function? will it be feature complete for release? How much of the module can we expect to be in or near its final phase on Early Access release? What kind of weaponry can we expect for the CE? (We can worry about the rest later) Is there any pods, jammers, and what kind of fuel tanks for early access? Is there anything that might come in the near future for the CE that might not be ready immediately upon release? (The big one) is there an approximation to when internal testing will be concluded? We are all so excited to have seen the F1 grow to this point and the work has been fantastic and exciting, but we still have a lot of questions!
  13. of course, my main plan is to employ this method on enemies who are flying high in the contrails, shooting from their bellies and out of their sight. The Cyrano IV has about twice the lock range of the Cyrano II of the Mirage 3 so hopefully that fixes some of the headaches regarding the radar. the missile on the other hand..... yeah I have no intention of hitting anything that is turning at all. and if I recall the 530 missile, while largely the same, is slightly different model for F1s. its called the R530F (not to be confused with S530F)
  14. Thank you for the information! I was hoping to be able to use boresight radar mode as a fast and easy way to get a R530 out onto a target I acquired visually. in the Mirage 2000 this method works wonders.
  15. @IvanK @M F1 Is it known if "GUN EMERGENCY MODE" can be used to fire a radar guided missile?
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