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  1. Thanks for the campaign, great work ! Is there a way to modify the missions in the ME to make the MP missions? I tried changing the player aircraft from player to client but then the aircraft is not spawned at the beginning tof the mission. Is there anything else I have to change to make the missions MP?
  2. In my experience the Mk20 works well with all other modules. Effectivness is another question... But I can confirm that the Mk20 is well off with the Tomcat
  3. Thanks for the info... No offence, but if the problem is with the Mk-20 itself how can it work with any other platform other that the Tomcat ? So, currently the Phoenix and the Mk-20 do not work as advertised? Any other major issues we should be aware of? Anyway I love the Tomcat, best module ever (until you do the Tornado) :-)
  4. So what is the fuze height? Or what is the minimum altitude for the rockey to be droped from in the tomcat ?
  5. If I just had to reassign them it would be no big deal. But they do not work anymore... I also checked for dubble assignments.
  6. Since recently some bindings of my Warthog stick and throttle no longer work. The buttons are recognised in the setup menu just fine. In game they just do not work. I have not changed the setup for a long time because it all worked fine, so it must be something with a recent update to DCS.
  7. I had the same issue. What I found was that with some modules the kneeboard worked fine with some not. Among the working modules was the Mig. So what I did was I copied the kneeboard section in the keyboard config file of the Mig into that of the Viggen which did not seem to have such a section before at all. Now the kneeboard is working fine in the Viggen. This may also work with other modules. Haven't tried yet. Maybe this helps.
  8. Thanks for the details on the engine :thumbup:
  9. accessories are always connected to the N2 shaft not the fan. So as long as the N2 shaft keeps spinning, also windmilling with a certain rpm you still get hyd pressure, generator maybe also bleed air
  10. There might also be engine failure situations where the fan or N2 shaft will just stop rotating because of a torn and now blocking turbine blade or something. In this case there will be no windmilling. This of course is a serious damage to the engine and no restart should be attempted. The engine must be shut down completly with the fire handle pulled. Throttle of this engine in idle of course. But I am not sure if this is simulated.
  11. In level flight you should have no problem with overspeed even at full throttle, this is not Concorde :-) During approach speed is vital. Here groundspeed can be useful. As there normally should be headwind on final flying your normal app speed as groundspeed is on the safe side. Also use your AOA gauge. You can perfectly fly the aircraft without any speed indication just by looking at this vital instrument. Cheers
  12. And what do you think where this information is taken from? ;-) You could take the groundspeed as this is only calculated by INS and/or GPS
  13. Hi - I have no "previous menu" (normally F11) option in the JTAC comms menu. When I get a tasking I would like to go back to the flight/wingman menu to give orders to my flight to orbit, attack air defences and so on... Any hints? Thanks
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