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  1. I spent a few weeks monkeying with the throttle tension setscrews before I got it right. Right for me, anyway.... My concern with adding lube is that I don't know what effect it will have with the setscrew tension system. It may also be a real pain to try and clean out if it turns out poorly...
  2. For what it's worth, I only run SimAppPro occasionally to check my axis settings, and don't need it for day to day DCS flying. My buddy uses an Orion with DCS and has never even installed the App.... Good luck.
  3. Hey @vstolmech513, no offense taken - they're fair questions. This was an ME scenario I made to just practice tanking, and my skills are "reasonable" ;> I was stable and cleared to connect in this particular example. My issue was with what I am perceiving as the physics of the basket. It might have been me being ham-fisted, but as noted, I changed the tanker to the KC-135 and had no trouble getting a full tank of gas just a few minutes later. This thread has motivated me to go back and try a few more goes. I will report back with an updated opinion
  4. I'm wondering too... Tried yesterday to tank off an S3 with no joy. Changed to a KC-135 and had no issues.....
  5. This fellow on YouTube has a lot of good videos on using the ME. Perhaps it will help. Search for: SUNTSAG ANCIENT GAMER They aren't too hard if the targets are stationary. Good luck Trout
  6. I am really enjoying this mod. Anubis has done a fantastic job and I am looking forward to everything that comes next. I do, however, have a problem: ** MOAB DETONATES INSTANTLY WHEN RELEASED BY AI PILOT ** It works ok when I drop it as the the pilot flying, but when set up as an AI bomb run with the MOAB in the center cargo position it just blows up a second after it appears outside the C-130. Kablooey. It sends the Herc down in flames and me too when I am flying too close near. I see it working on Youtube, so I am missing some detail... a critical speed ? nose up? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. F/A-18C Steam Version. Pre v 2.7 (2.5x Stable) Clickable Cockpit fully functional running non-native monitor resolution, with "Full Screen" button NOT selected. Native resolution 3840 x 2160 (non 4K) Game Resolution 2560 x 1440 System : I7 / 32gb GTX 1080 Windows 10 With 2.7 Beta Mouse function no longer occurs in the cockpit. F10 remains clickable. Cursor remains as yellow + This is happening in the Mission Editor, in SP Mission mode and in self-hosted MP server mode, on both Caucasus and PG maps. My Work-around Changed my monitor resolution to 2560 x 1440 to match the game - problem solved. This is not ideal. Clearly this is a low - priority concern but it would be nice to turn my monitors back up Thanks eTrout
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