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  1. +1: reflections really add to the feeling of being in an enclosed environment.
  2. same for me, big FPS hit and stuttering on Syria map
  3. Just delete your fxo and metashaders2 shaders and let the game rebuild them and all will be fine again
  4. OMG! That was an awesome video, really the best DCS video EVER! Fantastic shots, great dramatic build up. And those new weather engine shots gave me goose bumps. Awesome!
  5. Yeah, definitely recommended. I think Ed should include this mission as standard in their Hornet training missions, it's THAT good.
  6. there's a SC template in the missions section of the F/A-18C to check all the goodies :D
  7. Looks amazing!!! Any chance releasing this base skin by tomorrow? Would be great to have my first launch of the deck from to new Super Carrier released tomorrow :D :megalol::thumbup:
  8. can't wait for the liveries for the F/A-18C! Love your work on the F-16C!
  9. https://github.com/BlueFinBima/Helios I don't use Helios myself but this seems to be what you are looking for?
  10. same here; starting, minimizing to taskbar but no visible GUI. Reinstalling (redownloading exe file and running in both non- and admin mode) didn't help. No log rendered.
  11. wauw, looks amazing. Ever since I was a kid this was one of my favorite fighters.
  12. I have been using the UTC Mk11 wireless clip for a while now and absolutely LOVE it. The best solution imho. Attached with some velcro to my headset, plug&play with TrackIR software https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=159647
  13. Thanks ED for this great Christmas present! A10C cockpit looks amazing, didn't expect the Normandy update that looks great, love the F/A-18C goodies and the F-16 wingflex caused me a stiff neck, looking at the wings constantly banking and yanking around in VR last night.
  14. Awesome, thanks so much for another masterpiece!
  15. Oh boy, last week I received my Rift S and although having had little time to 'play', I'm so impressed by the immersion VR provides. Simply amazing. The first couple of quick spins I did even induced mild dizziness and light motion sickness! However I was able to get used to this very quickly. My most memorable experience so far is when I was practising vertical take-offs and landings in the Harrier. After some time I somehow messed up transition to vertical flight, resulting in an uncontrolled departure from flight; I was rapidly loosing height, nose pointing straight down from a few hundred feet. I was totally immersed and I swear I experienced that panicky feeling we all have had prior to some emerging danger or dangerous situation. I even leaned back in my chair, starting to raise my arms in front of my head, awaiting impact. Only then I realized I was sitting in my chair behind the computer wearing some big, black goggles... Amazing.
  16. Thanks for sharing, it's these kind of stories that made me pull the trigger on a Rift S couple of days ago. Looking forward to receiving it today and experience VR myself.
  17. F-22: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2375333/ works fine as AI, no repaints (I could find) though
  18. I'm really happy with my AOC Q3279VWFD8. Big, cheap and running a RTX 2070, FreeSync works perfectly fine.
  19. Rest in peace, Alexander. You will be remembered by the great legacy you left that we enjoy so much. I wish your family a lot of strength, courage, wisdom and love in these difficult times.
  20. Taichi X470 here for the beefy VRM's (upgrade to next gen Ryzen in mind), Bluetooth (for my headless headset with wireless TrackIR clip) and proper sound chipset (I play music a lot)
  21. perfect excuse to build a whole new machine, replacing my aging i7 920, that somehow still was performing ok-ish. Now only need to decide on replacing my gtx970 with....?
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