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  1. with my short temper I'm definitely mis-representing myself, and I'm working on it, and I'm always the first one to say sorry if things go out of hand. But suffice to say the folks I talk to here have pretty short fuses themselves, so no need to paint me as a troublemaker. However, what I seek is not the attention. I simply try to bring an 'outside' opinion into the stale world that is WWII DCS. The opinion is an answer to the ever-present question on reddit and here, such as "why nobody's playing wwii in DCS?" or "why so few players in wwii DCS?". I keep pointing out the unnecessary hardcore views for mission design that seem to always go in the same direction such as, "well, that's how it was in 1944/45", completely missing the irony of simulation of all of this on the computer. For a newcomer there's already a steep learning curve with any AC, especially if this person is just dabbing his toes in the simulation, and once the said newcomer decides to join an MP server the only option with any players on is an Ultra Hardcore MP with aimbot AA, aimbot Flak, with very little to deliver in terms of the actual gratification. Just relax it a bit. People will come. The last thing people want is to spend 30 minutes flying to the destination only to be sniped out by the ever prescient flak and/or 6xACE AA's on the ground. anyway, I've made enough noise for the whole year. I'll shut up about it and go away. Cheers.
  2. I wish I could show you the 'pleasant' messages I received on Discord from CDS_Narigón after I disconnected when I was the only axis player on the server and he was stalking me everywhere I went. I simply quit the game and this douchenozzle started stalking me on Discord and complaining to your admins of how unfair I behaved towards his points-centric personality. That's why I got banned. How dare I speak to anyone that way? What are you, my mother? Enjoy your circlejerk, @Skewgear if you aren't willing to understand the point of view of others, boomer.
  3. I'm with Bozon, the N.20 server offers by far the best balance between the simulator and the GAME aspects of the DCS. The WWII birds and the tactics are extremely hands on so when the procedural zealots begin to put realism ahead of everything else the experience suffers as it's simply not fun any longer. I enjoy flying, bombing, and shooting and I don't give 2 cents for 'historical' aspect of anything, I simply don't care. The MP mission makers try to make the most correct historic missions and I always ask why is it needed, or why does it have to be done to the T, which objectively isn't even possible to simulate it? I understand the importance of history, the analysis of the battles to figure out the driving factors behind the victory, etc. etc., it's all extremely interesting in a reading form and using the imagination in my head. But when it comes to DCS to me it's a game first, that also happens to be an excellent simulator. Subjecting me to some weird restrictions because that what the wwii pilots had to endure is fun at first, but once it becomes clear how difficult it was in reality along with the realization that DCS/and the current tech can't model a LOT of important external factors what we are left with is some grotesquely crazy mission setup's that aren't winnable, over the top difficult, etc etc. so in the end the whole experience just .. blows. edit: and to anyone saying something stupid like "go play IL2" I say up yours. You are the problem.
  4. gotcha.. now I'm actually interested in testing this hydraulic behavior
  5. so you guys have to manually put the flap lever to the middle position? In my config I simply mapped flaps down and flaps up and after pressing either button for the required time to extend/retract once I release the button the lever goes in to the middle automatically. And I never had flaps retract due to the air pressure in flight (or at least I didn't notice)...
  6. check with Chuck's Mosquito guide here: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-dh-98-mosquito-fb-mk-vi/ If you look at Section 7 it's all explained in there. Here's couple of screenshots from the guide: nullnull
  7. to pile on @draconus's commentary: - you can get rid of shaking if you switch from OpenVR to OpenXR (without Steam), plus it'll make the game a lot more smoother/playable. Check the OpenXR topic on how to get it running. The wall of text in the attached post will seem daunting, however don't fret, lots of players have done it, it's not hard at all.
  8. for OpenVR games = yes for OpenXR games = yes so if you play MSFS (openXR) and DCS (using the default OpenVR dll) then you need both of them on.
  9. yes, you need VB +SteamVR reinstall in these instances. VB can glitch out with SteamVR libraries, which in its turn then turns off SteamVR support in VB (toggle is always OFF and cannot be turned ON), and SteamVR continuously reports "can't connect to hmd" or similar messages. Most likely that was the cause of your problems.
  10. you do understand the spotting is limited by the visualization tech, such as LOD's, shading, lighting, and resolution. Making this "realistic" (whatever that means in the context of DCS) is bound to make the experience extremely limited due to the above mentioned visualization problems. I've seen the position was described "targets are in the ORCHARD"... what "orchard" can there possibly be on the MAP in DCS? Is there a nicely fenced patch of land with the trees bearing the apple fruit? You guys are kidding yourself with this narrow minded position of "realism" and then complain there are no folks using WWII in DCS. One of the reasons why IL2 is popular with WWII is because of spotting capabilities. I flew IL2 for 5 years before switching to DCS, which I love and learning every day, but DCS offers the crappiest spotting capabilities for the aircraft AND ground targets. There reason why there isn't much noise about it because 99% of DCS players fly jets with radars and other computerized targeting tech. And shove your 'training server' suggestion up yours. Put on a VR helmet and try to find the targets, wise ass. edit: I'm giving you guys a constructive criticism and instead of listening to other players the usual unwanted and unsolicited patronizing bull<profanity> ensues.
  11. It depends on your flying goals, I suppose. Channel Map allows for a rather short flight time between England and Europe, i.e. you get to the action much quicker. At least that's how I see it. I wouldn't place much emphasis on the "road-map" and who promised what. Given ED's atrocious delays in releasing ANYTHING related to WWII just settle down on the current features/abilities of the game. Channel map is far more advanced than Normandy in graphics/objects quality. Definitely pick up A8, P47, and the Mosquito. Their DM is excellent as well as the graphical representation of it, plus high res cockpits.
  12. can anyone possibly let me know where I can find the .lua files and their name(s) for belt composition in P47? I'd like to change them for the SP to have a more realistic effect on dog fights. Thank you in advance, guys.
  13. You can still get a G2, you just won't be able to run it a full resolution with 1080. There's no need to downgrade the HMD because of the graphics card. However, you'd need at least a 2080ti to run G2 at a decent resolution on your CPU (which isn't that potent anymore either). Search ebay fo 2080ti pre-owned, maybe you can find a decent deal.
  14. I was going to recommend Varjo Aero, but seeing it's double your budget in AUS that's definitely a non starter. For DCS it's the top VR headset in the realm of picture clarity due to its unique lens design, there are no glares, no godrays, and the picture is clear across the whole lens, i.e. the sweet spot is the 100% of the lens. Next 3 down would be: - HP G2: the good: inside-out tracking, no need for base station. Has VERY good motion smoothing feature, almost without artifacts. Excellent for the VR beginners. the bad: Pretty narrow horizontal FOV (90degrees). it's using WMR from Microsoft. Deep integration with Windows OS (10/11), which has its pro's/con's. Generally, it's a stable environment, however sometimes it goes haywire due to MS updates. picture quality (subjective opinion only a bit less resolution than HTC vivepro2 (below), the screen to me looks artificially smooth, i.e. they're using some sort of a film to reduce the screen-door effect, and it feels a bit 'greasy'. Sweet spot is pretty small. - HTC VivePro2 the good: not part of the Windows OS, has its own ecosystem, easy to troubleshoot. Has a much wider horizontal FOV, 104-110 degrees, depending on the application. the bad: requires Base Stations, which is an extra expense (however the stations are more or less future proof and are treated as "standard" and supported by other VR HMD manufacturers). Has a pretty atrocious motion smoothing full of artifacts, however it has some other inherent reprojection mode in it that smoothes the motion, albeit with lots of ghosting. picture quality (subjective opinion only a bit higher resolution than G2. Sweet spot is pretty small. No "film" on the screen, so you can see the individual pixels (if you focus hard enough). - Quest2: the good: cheap, inside-out tracking the bad: it's from Facebook. Did I mention it's from Facebook? So you need an active FB account to use this headset. The headset is stand-alone by itself (can play mobile games on it), so in order to run it on PC you gotta use a special "Link" cable, and bunch of other software. the picture: has less resolution than G2. I don't know anything else about it as i've never actually tried it It being from FB was enough of a deterrent, however it's the cheapest HMD to get yourself in to VR with at a decent 'quality', but the experience varies.
  15. I guess I'm going by Chuck's guide and ED's guide. Both state 2800 as MAX RPM, with 2750 having the Red mark. come to think of it, maybe I was maxing it out to 2750 and that's what is killing the engine. But in VR it's so darn difficult to see it exactly, I almost need to dive to the knee level to see the actual exact reading.. edit: anyway, we seem to have hijacked the thread.. i'll leave this topic for some other time and place, but will do more testing, i'm sure it's all because of my actions...
  16. 2700 is in the RED danger zone yeah, that's why I'm thinking it's either a bug (following the ignition/detonation logic) or we're missing something in the picture. I do remember seeing Yo-Yo's posts from way back warning folks to not lower rpm's abruptly and/or beyond 2000 due to the ignition timing, but that's about it from ED's side. Maybe there's more but I'm not aware of any other info...
  17. agreed on all points. However, in my personal experience with dog fights in DCS MP is 99% of the time they happen at a pretty low altitude with a rather short altitude changes, again, it's my personal experience, which I'm sure is limited, i.e. i'm commenting from my use case specifically. And in those 99% of the time every time I used 2700 with water injection the engine died within 30 seconds at 100% of the time used. Yet doing it on 2600 was perfectly fine 100%. Call it a simulation gap, perhaps, but that's really the only reason why I stopped using 2700 at all, it doesn't look like its worth the time. Your commentary is making me think all sorts of tactics right now and I will definitely revisit the 2700 dilemma soon enough.... Hopefully i'm wrong and i'm simply making some mistake in the process. edit: although even with 2700 working I still doubt there is going to be that much of a difference in the actual dog fight. If you are bounced and damaged then it won't matter, if you are bounced and not damaged then the tactics are 99.9% and the extra 100rpm is the remaining 0.1%, which is .. yup. And if you are an attacker the tactics are 99.99% and that extra power burst won't help a zilch.
  18. ok, so over-boosting is a high altitude risk then with 2700 rpm I have very little luck. Honestly I'm not that sure of how much more power it can add with everything else maxed out whilst In a close df combat with yo-yo's, scissors, and other loopty-loops. Now, if I'm chasing someone over long distance there may be the need for it, otherwise it's too risky for me..
  19. I only managed to do that at 28,000 ft when the turbo over-sped and I didn't see the barely noticeable warning light, and it was on water as well. I think people may also boost their rpm to 2,700 during the df crisis and that extra 100 rpm is indeed a complete and utter killer. I stopped going above 2,600 altogether, and the engine stays totally fine for 15 mins with max throttle/max turbo<22,000/fully open oil rads/air rads with water injection.
  20. My biggest pet peeve with this server is the accuracy of the coordinates of the ground enemy units. I'm talking about the targets that are located in the open field areas, i.e. NOT in the cities. In VR it's extremely difficult to locate them even if you KNOW PRECISELY where they are. In this server the coordinates are very poor and can cover 5km x 5km blocks, and finding the units is extremely difficult. Majority of the time I find them when they already start shooting at me, and unfortunately it's the only tactic that has the highest chance of me finding the targets. I sense it's one of the reasons why such a few players are actually interested in working on the ground objectives and simply resort to a never ending CAP. I know the server admins are all about "team play" and stuff. But sometimes I don't feel like talking to anyone or listening to anyone and just wanted to run couple of ground attacks, and it turns in to a total crapshoot when I can't find targets after circling the objective area for 10 minutes, which usually ends up in someone finally noticing me and shooting me down. Yay.
  21. @JordanLField, @WelshZeCorgi guys, if you're having issues with objects appearing/disappearing the most likely culprit is in the shaders, i.e.: - remove ALL mods from DCS - remove ReShade if you're using it - run a repair/file integrity check to replace all of the shaders with the stock ones - delete FXO and Metadata cache (in SavedGames\DCS) After that try AERO and see if the results are any different.
  22. that's actually pretty interesting. Can you tell us: - how far apart the shakers are? - shaker's watt spec? My rig is metal like @corbu1, so I guess wood particles/glue really do attenuate the vibrations enough to create those separate zone (is that why they put loud speakers in to wooden boxes instead of aluminum? duh.. ) challenge is, for me at least, that I'd need to rebuild my whole darn cockpit .. lol..
  23. yes, the higher you'll place those shakers the more of a stereo you'll experience due to their close proximity to your ears/inner ear, however you might not actually enjoy it .. because well.. low fq vibrations near the head aren't fun . The best combo, in my subjective opinion, is to combine the bass shakers with the jet-seat. With such setup you'll have the low fq 'rumble' under the cockpit + focused small area vibrations from the jet seat. yes, with my 3 shaker setup I have spread it across my butt, hands, and feet, it's sufficient for my needs at this point.
  24. I've used the bass shakers for 4 or 5 years now. In my experience: - the left/right (stereo) with 2 shaker setup does not offer anything unique vs. 1 shaker (mono). The only difference is a stronger shake/vibration and there isn't much 'stereo' to experience. It's mostly due to both of them connected to the same metal frame and not enough of a distance between them. The low fq sound 'wave' produced by these shakers is veeeery long and your lower extremities feel both of them as 'vibration' without any particular direction where it came from. That being said if I focus my attention 100% on the vibration then I can somewhat identify which side it's coming from, however whilst being engaged in the actual flight/dog fight the precision goes out of the window and it all becomes just a vibration. - Instead I've used a 3 shaker setup: 1 under the seat, 1 under the joystick, 1 under the rudder pedals with volume control per shaker. This way I get a better emulation of the length of the cockpit.
  25. I've returned apple juice to Amazon. I'm sure they'll be fine with the return of some electronic components..
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