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  1. wow people still play lomac? good stuff. I may put together my old server and get back on hyperlobby this weekend. And find a new website :)
  2. for all the hoopla, it doesn't even do it right. it's slow and sluggish and it looked for the better half of the snap that he was going up. the su27 almost sits still at the top of the loop and then the nose falls rapidly
  3. whatever man. I'll turn on my jammers because I want to turn on my jammers. I'll fly my way, you fly yours.
  4. 25 pages and I think it boils down to "my epeen is bigger than yours" (with 25 pages of pros and cons of the epeen size, speed and age.
  5. is there some sort of strange rule that russian sites have to be so slow?
  6. situational awareness. you don't get into the middle of the fight and then wonder who is who. You need to be aware of the planes (rwr etc) around you before you get into the thick of things
  7. what's so hard about upgrading the models for the other planes?
  8. looks nice from high above, suitable for a sim like xplane but frankly lock looks better
  9. op may be a troll but he's got a point. Developers need to find better ways to protect their software instead of this starforce crap.
  10. then the su27 gets a high res model like the su25T!! seriously tho, I heard it will be YAF16S
  11. There's no way to get rid of it. This fix was for 1.02 and I expect ED to address it in 1.1 that's why I asked why it was still required. All ED had to do was make sure the local one was loaded but it seems you're stuck with the fix.
  12. and round and round we go. Are you talking about the plane or the Russians? Can the plane do a2g? yes. Do the russians use it for A2g? No. end of story
  13. how do you land? carefully.. :) the easiest way to do it is with no weapon load, almost empty fuel and a moving carrier. You need to open your chute just before you touch down and hit the brakes hard.
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