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  1. Hi! I just had the same problem. I have no mods or whatsoever installed. It happened to me after we were cleared RTB and right after I switched to Marshal and called the standard ATC (and I haven't been ordered to the tanker, as written in the briefing designer notes).
  2. This was it!!! Thank you so much! I never thought of this setting supressing the F10 map view generally, when unchecked... Something learned again. Thanks for helping!
  3. Hi Tippis, thank you for your ideas. I checked the keybinds in the settings sections and everything seems ok. When I press the F10-key in the bindings section, DCS jumps to the correct line where it says F10 map view. So the keyboard and binding should work properly. I use SRS and Opentrack and I checked twice: The F10-Key is mapped nowhere... No other mods. Thrustmaster Warthog but without the Thrustmaster TARGET software, but the suggested bindings from DCS for the A-10C II. Still no clue.
  4. I'm sorry, but this might sound a little weird, but the map view doesn't show up, wenn pressing the F10-key. I checked the bindings and every other F-key-view works, but the F10-map doesn't. The keyboard is also ok. No problems in starting the mission editor, but also no F10-map in any mission (standard or self-made-ones) Any hints, what I could try? Any help is welcome!
  5. I have the problem, that my wingman doesn't react anymore to attack or any other orders. The only thing that happens, is that he flares, after I ordered him to attack. At least, that's what I realised. I just startet this campagne a few days ago, and in Mission 1, it seemed ok with the wing. And then another DCS-update came out last friday with voice chat and many more. And another fix on monday. Might it be the source of this problem? Anyone else who has this problem?
  6. Had exactly the same issue. Highly frustrating regarding that length of mission (after 2h!).
  7. Trying it for the second time and after a 2-hour-turn each, I am really frustrated because of a hang after a F10-question and my answer to it. It's where 2 has explained the situational awareness cue in the pod and asked, if I have further questions. The answer, "I'm fine" or so ends the storyline and I found no way to get back in the mission. Even RTB did not help. For this kind of disappointing experience, the missions are way too long, to try it again. Sorry, but I'm out of this campaign.
  8. I struggle with the MRFCS check at the beginning of mission 6. After step 5 in this check the chief won't call the rudders check. Waited several minutes and tried several times, but it won't get any further. Any help?
  9. I'd like to give a little experience report on my development since updating to 2.7. Hope, it's useful. My configuration: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x, ROG Crosshair X570 VIII Hero, AMD RX6800XT, 64GB DDR4-3600, Hotas TM Warthog, HP reverb G2, 1 Display 3440x1440 steamVR 120% (application setting) and 100% general setting. No motion vectoring. DCS PD 1.0 and textures to high, msaa 2x, ssaa 1,5x... Before the update, I had fps of in average between 40 and 60 in VR and between 90 and 110 in 2D. After the first update, I experienced a severe fps-drop both in VR and 2D, especially testing in the free-flight-scenario on the syria map. Landing on the first airport there let the fps in VR drop to average 15 in VR! It was almost a slideshow and I started to sequencially follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above: - renamed the DCS openbeta folder in saved games - reinstalled DCS completely - repaired windows 10 installation completely but no uninstall of the KB500???? - Updated AMD Radeon software to 21.4.1 After these steps the situation became better again, almost where it was before, but I cannot say, which step really was the key. But then I also followed Spudknockers advise to turn off most of the settings for the graphic card. Though he said this for an NVIDIA setting, I tried this for my RX6800XT and it had a really positive effect! I literally turned off everything or left it to the application, also the AMD FREE SYNC. No OC either! Just the basic driver, so to say... And: No micro stuttering anymore, stable fps of >40 to 60 fps in VR in every situation with really high settings! Also tested on some MP servers and it was really good! So, I'm really happy now with the performance! I have to mention, that in VR for me the new clouds don't look any different between low and ultra settings, so I kept it at low for now.
  10. Same problem here. Attached is my logbook.lua Any help is appreciated! Hedge logbook.lua
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