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  1. I thought I was being stupid. Looks like I'm innocent. So frustrating when I can't designate STT in TWS.
  2. I tested every possible setting. SSAA and MSAA on and off. With MSAA off, average FPS is higher, but FPS dip still exists. I uninstalled LED applications, yet there is not difference. I agree with you. This kind of performance with 50% resolution is ridiculous. I remember about 2 months ago running full SSAA and MSAA with 80% SteamVR resolution with ease.
  3. Setup Reverb G2 i9 9900K RTX 3080 64GB NVMe SSD SteamVR 50% (I know it's ridiculously low but performance matters) The game feels really smooth in general, but this kind of frame rate dip causes massive image desync when I move my head. I tried bare minimum graphic setting, but no hope. It's almost as if something is interfering DCS. I started to notice this frustrating performance about 1 or 2 months ago. Performance was like a dream before that. Any idea what could cause this or how I can identify the cause?
  4. Same here. I reinstalled Windows so you don’t have to. No fix has been found. Something is serious broken in VR since last few weeks
  5. This is pretty sick. Is it the sound that current Beta version has? I wasn't paying attention to the sound yesterday when I played.
  6. I think in the real life video, there is little to none sound of "bang" upon rocket motor ignition. In DCS, the "bang" is very obvious and it's the same for almost all missile EXCEPT HARMs. In my opinion, in DCS HARM launch sounds more realistic. Real life video for reference.
  7. That might be the case. However on the ground the lifts still move up. I'm not sure why it's modeled differently. Thanks
  8. I just noticed that the finger lifts don't move up anymore while going into AB. However they do lift up going between OFF and IDLE. I am pretty sure I could see finger lifts moving up before. Track and video attached. Finger Lifts.trk
  9. Are you saying JDAM in zone cue is inaccurate? If so, I can say I am with you. It happens everytime if I release bomb immediately when in zone. I remember a post talking about it, but apparently it's not fixed.
  10. Excuse my stupidity. Why and how throttle can control AOA? Why not trim?
  11. 现在还是没有。Beta版本还没跟上内部版吗
  12. I know this is annoying but the workaround is when you respawn, make sure to return to spectator before selecting a new slot. That way you won't spawn on any cat. IIRC I was able to remove the chocks after unhook the launch bar. You can try that too if you don't wish to return to spectator first.
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