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  1. I managed to have it work now, by removing some winwing lines from my export.lua. the issue is that most of the times, launching voice attack and Vaicom pro prior to launch DCS has Dcs crash at start up. this seems all linked to the export.lua file. i have lots of stuff there : simshaker tacview vaicom etc.. anyone able to check my export.lua if I post it here ?
  2. adding the VAICOM line of exports in my Export.LUA de facto make my game run at half FPS... unless I am on pause. Then my FPS are normal. I can't find a solution to this. And if it persists I wont use VAICOM. its great, but not worth losing 60FPS. Any clue ? Your help will be greatly appreciated ! KR
  3. thank you, but of course I am. No changes unfortunately. its now stuck on the left eye option
  4. for some reason, as the starter of this thread, i stopped playing for a while and totally forgot to order a set, just to try. 01G8R. do you confirm you still have a couple and that I can order ? KR Patrick
  5. I have a jetpad, but wanted to buy another. this seems not possible from Andre Website anymore. ANy clue ?
  6. Anyone has a solution ? just to try I switch my IHADSS to my left eye (Im left eye dominant) in the special options of the AH-64D, and no matter how much i try, with reboots etc, I am unable to get my IHADSS to display in my right eye anymore.. Any clue ?
  7. awesome tool. where can I find the latest version of it ?
  8. thats 2, but with my change of color
  9. moving this post here makes little sense. This info belonged in the AH-64D sub forum, not here, frankly
  10. here is how i like my HUD's and IHADSS
  11. FZG_Immel

    Dead Loop

    thats what she said !
  12. Also, like in all my US jets, i change the color of the hud to something more akin to what i saw IRL and on videos. for the AH-64 this is the line I change into the materials.lua the original is : BACKUP your material.lua before doing any mod
  13. anyone else having MFD's stay ON after full shutdown ? wonder if its because of my export set up. They are not active anymore, as I cannot navigate through menus anymore, but the last page used stays on no matter what. Any clue ? maybe because of my export LUA ? Thanks !
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