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  1. Dear ED Crew, It seems to me that the track is not necessary in this case. When sending via Link16 SPI or steerpoint in your description, they were supposed to appear as steerpoints from 71 to 80 at the recipient. Meanwhile, these steerpoints start at 500 for receiver plane. I kindly remind you of my previous topic which was marked as reported bug and closed some time ago.
  2. AH64 Early access mission from Growling Sidewinder https://youtu.be/JhfD2gk1J-U
  3. I have same joy as You and I don't have any issues in Viper and never had. As @BIGNEWY wrote without track its only a guessing.
  4. When You are in CCIP mode TPOD looking (locked) in CCIP impact point.
  5. @LetMePickThat that's why I wrote "From big Russian SAMs" I do not count SA-15 as big SAM like SA-6, SA-11 or SA-10. It's different class. Fact that SA-15 was designed especially for intercepting small objects like AGM88 etc. is true. And remember that first versions of SA-15 from '83 wasn't as effective as later M1, M2 versions.
  6. I researched this topic for my Wing. From big Russian SAMs, "earliest" system that can successfully detect and fight with enemy missiles (smaller than cruise missiles, eg HARM) is SA-17 Buk-M1-2. With materials witch I found we can tell that SA-11 Buk-M1 (we have it in DCS) can't successfully detect and fight with objects HARM size (so AIM-120 also). If SA-11 can't, SA-6, SA-5, SA-3 and SA-2 can't either. About that parts of airplane compare size (RCS) of a wing witch fell of from a plane with eg size of AIM120 or AGM88.
  7. Hi, I just want make a very, very gentle second bump on my topic from the Viper section with a small bug, however very useful feature that I reported 4 updates ago. With love to the entire ED team and of course the F16 itself.
  8. For me in SA-2 test, missile firing range drop 20% for long pod compared to short. So I think there is a slight advantage of long one.
  9. In HAD You can create custom threat table (with 8 emitters?) via ICP/DED
  10. I brought up this topic in another section. In general, different bands are for different radar bands (types eg. AA, AG). But I guess this is for future usage when electrical warfare comes up to DCS. Now we're starting with ECM POD and first band activated, so I guess that now only first band is functional.
  11. And what about these ECM band buttons? Somebody have any description of which bands are now usable and what is FRM, SPL (I guess self protection jammer)
  12. So it's about way of doppler radar works? If tracked object travels at same speed as emitter there is no doppler effect.
  13. @FuY Isn't that all about radar filtering slow objects approx. <20knts speed difference (closure rate, Zero Doppler Filter)? Notice that in F16 video You're attacking target that flying in same direction as You (so Zero Filter cutting it at the beginning, later You develop speed and we can see 60~70knts speed diff when You can lock it). In F18 vid You're attacking TRGT that flying opposite direction (we can see closure rate of 270~300knts) so You can lock it w/o any problem. Remember that, if You chasing another plane with minimum closure rate (speed difference below ~20 knots) You won't see it in any radar because of Zero Doppler Filter. That's why we're using also FOX-3s You can not always rely on radar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Z3ta1v1po
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