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  1. @FlappieI just got pointed to this issue by another user, not sure if that is still a thing here. I checked that dcs.log that has been posted above. That user is using lots of mods and they have corruption in their Saved Games\MissionEditor files. Not surprising that it breaks their F10 view though.
  2. With the BDA event, the unit type magically changes from UNIT to STATIC. That seems to be the issue here.
  3. You are not using the standard export names (LEFT_MFCD, RIGHT_MFCD) and you are exporting stuff that is not exported in the standard game, which means, that you had amended the in-game luas to export these items. If you want it to work again, you must change the luas again, like you did in the past.
  4. Copy, thanks. Please keep us posted, if it happens on any other mission.
  5. Does this happen on a specific server (if yes, which one) or is any of you guys hosting the mission and if yes, which of you? Does it happen on different maps or just one? Have you tried the SC, too, or is it just the Stennis?
  6. What you can do in addition is running the attached cmd. That is checking the registry and the most common files in Windows (I created that cmd for convenience, you can run the commands by yourself if you look into it). After it ran, you should do a reboot. So maybe do that in one of your maintenance windows. Has to be run as Administrator. It does not do any harm, just standard windows commands. check_integrity.cmd
  7. Ok, got it. I don't see any issues in your log. Try the realtek thing. D3W had similar issues, iirc that fixed it for them.
  8. If users have issues with disconnects, etc. I'd recommend that they check three main things: a) RAM If they have below 32 GB of RAM they should make sure that they have a pagefile of at least 16 GB. The preload radius should not exceed 30.000 b) HDD vs SSD You all know it already, but it is true for the pagefile, too. Especially with low RAM systems, people should check that their game and pagefile is on an SSD. c) Antivirus Solutions They shall make sure that they have excluded at least the game directory, best case even Saves Games\DCS(.openbeta) from their AV read scan. My bad, rechecked the version. Sorry for that.
  9. Do you guys have any realtek software on that server? If yes, I assume you don't need it, so please deinstall it. I've seen a similar issue with another server recently.
  10. I've had a look at the user logfiles. a) dcs.log That user has lots of mods that are broken. Besides that, they don't have much RAM and a pagefile that is likely not large enough. I expect them to have paging issues. b) dcs(1).log That user has an even smaller pagfile. I would expect them to get even out of memory errors, if they play for a longer time. Might be the same issue here - disconnects due to insufficient hardware. c) dcs(2).log That one is interesting, and I would ask you for the user name. That is no official DCS version but a closed beta. It had known issues. And it is no log to provide in public. => my bad, version was correct, all good
  11. Honestly the report of that Nvidia user can be anything. If they are the single needle in the haystack, it's more likely that it is something completely different. I've seen lots of complaints in the past month and that is the only user with an Nvidia card claiming that issue. Don't get me wrong, I fully agree that this issue is very painful. I don't agree though that a software vendor necessarily has to work around driver bugs, if this is any. That's still an assumption as it at least seems to happen 99% with AMD cards (if we count that user). But all of that doesn't help. The logs do not say anything at that point. Absolutely no issue. That is even more pointing into a driver direction as DCS does not seem to get any error back from the DX API. So to get things forward - does anyone know any way to enable some debug mode in the driver? Debug logging etc? With that, we could try to track it down, if some guys could enable it and send their logs after the issue happens.
  12. Do you have a log of any Nvidia user reporting the same issue? I have not seen any.
  13. As DCS is using Direct X and it is only happening on AMD cards, it's most likely their implementation of Direct X that is wrong at some point. Unfortunately, ED can't fix issues in the AMD graphics drivers. So if they - by chance - find out, what exactly is causing the issue, there might be a workaround. But that is unclear. Most likely we will see another AMD patch in the near future and the issue vanishes with that.
  14. Would you guys please update your AMD Radeon driver to the latest one, which should be the following and try again? I have positive reports that the issue is vanished with this update. Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.8.2 Driver Version for Windows® 10 (Windows Driver Store Version 27.20.22025.1006).
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