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  1. Just had the same thing happen. Seems like you don't even need to designate the waypoint, just having it selected so it shows up on your HUD leads to it getting moved around.
  2. Is it possible to modify campaign files to workaround this until the next update? First two missions have been fine without labels, but spotting other aircraft on a 4k screen is basically (sometimes literally) impossible, so am thinking I might need to drop resolution down to 1080p later in the campaign to improve visibility.
  3. Could someone please clarify this fix? I don't completely understand from the original post which folder needs to be copied from "Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns\FA-18C Raven One Dominant Fury" to "Saved Games\DCS.openbeta". Thanks!
  4. Just played the first mission. That was absolutely mega! Felt like the most authentic representation possible of what a pilot could go through during carrier ops!
  5. I wonder if there's a way they can scale the minimum object size in pixels. E.g. if some far off object would appear as one pixel in 1080p, make it appear as a group of 4 pixels in 4k. I don't really know enough about graphics or game engine programming to know how doable it would be to only scale up objects that would appear as less than a certain number of pixels without blowing up objects at all distances.
  6. I originally played this campaign about a year ago but kind of rushed through it before I had to pack up my sim gear and move house. I just replayed it, this time while reading the book concurrently, and wow, that was one of the coolest experiences I've had in gaming! I've gone through a bunch of really great campaigns in the past year, but at risk of sounding unoriginal, I have to say that Raven One is still the best campaign in DCS. What really sets it apart is how all fifteen missions feel completely unique. This variety really keeps you hooked and eager to fly the next mission. Some other (very good) campaigns can drag a little bit in their latter halves when they have multiple missions asking the player to perform slight variations on a similar task. Raven One never does this, and the mission variety coupled with the added cool factor of launching and recovering from the Supercarrier makes each mission feel engaging from start to finish. The only downsides I can think of are a couple bugs I encountered (reported elsewhere), and maybe Psycho's voice actor not really matching her character in the book (I would have maybe swapped Olive's and Psycho's VA). The fact that Psycho has an extremely limited number of lines that amount to "roger", and is only one of a huge number of different voice actors should tell you how tiny of a nit this is to pick. It's just literally the only thing that came to mind (apart from bugs) where I thought "that could be better." This campaign is basically a DCS classic, top of the pile in a list of must play campaigns for every DCS user. Oh, and the book totally kicks ass! I thought reading a book concurrently might not allow me to play through the campaign as quickly as I'd like to, but this wasn't the case at all. The book isn't all that long, and it's a real page turner. It added a whole extra dimension to the experience that can't be found anywhere else in the DCS universe. Highly recommended!
  7. When attacking the first target given over radio, "no joy" was called while the JSOW was still in transit despite me being on target quite quickly (I was already in the anchor area when given the target, so I got there quick). When attacking the second target, the JSOW missed to the North by a significant margin. I then told my wingman to attack, and his JSOW also missed, flying to the exact same point as mine. This leads me to believe that the coordinates were not correct. After my wingman attacked the second target, "standby for BDA" was called over the radio, but no further comms or mission triggers occurred after this.
  8. I also encountered the AI hornet issue in both this mission and another campaign recently. It seems like this can happen if you let your airspeed drop below ~250. Even though they are the flight lead it seems like they slow down if you get below a certain speed? Another issue I encountered in this mission was COMM 2 appeared to get stuck on transmit (triangle icon where the channel number usually is). I first noticed this while Prince was heading to Iran. I wasn't hearing any of the outgoing or incoming messages on Strike, although I was still hearing Guard which I was monitoring on COMM 2. I tried fiddling with it, changing channels, etc, but I could never get the triangle icon to go away, and wasn't able to hear anything on COMM 2 for the rest of the mission.
  9. Finished the campaign today and had a great time with it! It's clear that a tremendous amount of work went into this, and it really shows in the complexity of the missions as well as the length of the briefings. A lot of thought seems to have gone into imagining a multi-faction conflict that develops in a realistic way. Some additional positives in no particular order: Voice acting was really good across the board Having proper ATC procedures for Incilik was really cool, and something I'd like to see more of in other campaigns Syria map! The missions you get to plan yourself were a really nice touch, and it's worth acknowledging the extra effort that went into providing supplemental briefing material for these In terms of the amount of units and the amount of stuff going on on the map, these might be the most complex missions I've seen in a campaign A few minor critiques also in no particular order: While the complexity of the missions is really cool, it can also be taxing on one's system. I encountered slight hitches roughly every 10 seconds or so when ingressing in M10P2 and in M11 despite having a fairly beefy system (12700k, 32GB, 3080). I didn't have any other performance issues though. Also worth noting I was playing at 2160p, so maybe this was a factor For a campaign as long as this one, it would have been cool to relocate to a new airfield midway through, as flying the same departure and arrival got just a little bit tedious by the latter part of the campaign While I can understand not wanting to develop alternate mission files for either continuing after AAR or skipping it (like what Raven One does), it would have been cool to have completing AAR improve your score at the end of the first part of the mission (maybe you can't augment the score after reaching a "mission complete" state?). Can't really fault this campaign for not going the route of alternate mission files though, as on average these missions have quite a lot more going on on the battlefield than Raven One (IIRC), so remaking them to allow optional refueling checkpoints would have been a lot of work for not all that much practical benefit I could have used maybe one more A2A engagement in there to break up some of the A2G in the second half Overall this is a fantastic campaign, one of the best for the F/A-18C, and an absolute must play for fans of DCS campaign in general!
  10. The DL thing was introduced in the last update and doesn't appear to be campaign specific. I've gotten it to work by pressing DL, then on/off, then DL and on/off again (turning on both DL menus).
  11. Oh, yes, sorry, must have clicked the wrong forum.
  12. Seems to be a broken trigger when telling wingman to do show of force at Al Basra. Waited ages using time acceleration but mission never advanced past that point.
  13. People who claim zoom fixes this issue have definitely not experienced it. When playing at a lower resolution, a distant aircraft will be clearly visible as a speck in the sky when you are zoomed out. Zooming in can actually cause this speck to disappear! Unfortunately, I don't expect that this is going to be a trivial thing to fix. Probably what's happening is distant objects are so small they are rendered as a single (or very few pixels), and these pixels are simply larger at lower resolutions yet practically invisible at 4k. I've seen people say Falcon BMS has a way of addressing this, I wonder how they do it?
  14. When using a 4k display it is extremely difficult to see distance aircraft on servers with labels disabled. Lowering resolution on the same display to 1080p makes it so much easier to see distant planes it's almost comical. It's also much easier to see the minimal red/blue line labels at lower resolutions. I currently have to lower resolution from 2160p to 1080p whenever playing multiplayer if I don't want to be at an enormous disadvantage. This to me is probably the most glaring issue of the core game at the moment. Would really like to see a mechanism that scales distant objects and labels so that they are equally visible across different resolutions.
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