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  1. Hi, it looks like we haven't seen any new features added on the Supercarrier for a long time now. Do some of you know when the last big update was ? Can we expect something new in 2022?
  2. Few things worth checking : * Disable fullscreen optimization * Disable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling * Disable Geforce Overlay * Disable XBox Game bar
  3. Hey buddy, that's great, and how are the stutters now ? Gone ? I would suggest you to try 100% with no MSAA. I think the visual clarity and the perfs are better.
  4. Just had a look at these charts, but something is odd, you're reporting stutters but I see no GPU/CPU frametime drop. What's weird though is that you're stuck with 16GB RAM usage, I wonder if you'r not having a RAM problem, what RAM sticks are you using ?
  5. I think that's normal though, I thought that there was an issue as well, but when you look at objects IRL, they don't have the same reflections in both eyes
  6. Had that same issue, basically windows disables your mouse when you put your headset on to avoid having clicking stuff on the desktop. You can either press Win + Y or disable that feature in the windows mixed reality settings
  7. That's a good comment, but I don't know if that's a thing in the real jet
  8. I see that ACLS is WIP can we expect it for the next update ?
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