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  1. I set the detents for cruising power in ww2 planes, not sure if this applies to helos. Then when I want combat power just push through them.
  2. My setup is similar (using stream deck XL for UFC), have no use for the keyboard at all really.
  3. I run both fine but had to put specific order in my file, there's a thread on it somewhere already with more description but here's my file. Make sure you tick the box in simapp so it wont modify the lua file. Ignore the things in my file you may not have like viacom etc... local vaicomlfs = require('lfs'); dofile(vaicomlfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua]]) -- load the DCS ExportScript for DAC and Ikarus local dcsexportlfs = require('lfs'); dofile(dcsexportlfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportScript.lua]]) local wwtlfs=require('lfs') dofile(wwtlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/wwt/wwtExport.lua') pcall(function() local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[Mods\Services\DCS-SRS\Scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]]); end,nil);
  4. I'm using the extension fully out on the monster mount, it looks like it's a bit longer than the one in your photo, based on the height of your stick I'd say you need a mount that's at least 200mm longer to use the extension.
  5. Essentially the real grip is designed for centre mount, if you put it there at the right height you dont need the hand rest.
  6. What positions are the fuel switches in on the panel? Also to clarify is it the throttle or the startup panel that you have the issues with? Do you have any abnormal key bindings on the panel or are they default?
  7. Do not have that issue here. Are you sure you're perfectly still and is your handbrake on? Do you have the switches in positions that could prevent the refuelling? There are a lot of fuel related switches on that start up panel. Do you see fuel going into the aircraft or does it stay at the same value? Do you see weapons going onto the pylons?
  8. He's had supply issues, seems like he's clearing up most of the backlog now. His communication was poor early on but he has been providing much better updates lately, the problem is it seems trust has been burnt a little.
  9. honestly I'd contact winwing and just buy the same switch then, they are solid enough for use
  10. Sounds like the switch I have and it's pretty solid metal even though it's not a big chunky round one, which bit broke? Was it the actual lever part of the switch or did the switch come away from the panel itself? You'll prob need to open it for anyone to have any input on what a suitable replacement could be, I know a hat I replaced in my stick grip had some circuits attached to it too, I don't expect that with this 3 way but you never know... Also if it arrived broken I'm pretty sure WW will just send you a replacement.
  11. I do 0 curve or deadzone on my stick and it's working beautifully for me, but that wont mean it will for you.
  12. Sure, I guess that's unfortunately something he hasn't done, I will say he seems to be learning on the fly a little here. My point was more we shouldn't be looking to drive him out of business for some errors while he's growing.
  13. I can see he's getting much better with communication on what is going on, sure things have been rough but what's the plan here drive a little guy out of business because he's behind on orders? Doesn't seem like a good plan that gets much done for the community IMO...
  14. I've gotta say I do still find him generally responsive and helpful and my screens did arrive. It is definitely clear he had serious supply issues that he seems to have worked through and now he has a backlog to get through. I'd say once that is done we'll see better things from him.
  15. My screens have arrived and I have them setup, just looking into calibrating them a little at the moment.
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