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  1. Something has changed: Now the in-game displays are dimable. Unfortunately the external screens still also get dimmed. And to an ammount that they are black while you can still read them in-game.
  2. That may be what happened... Meaning the TGT WP being reset. TY for looking into it!
  3. I recently did a few flights employing 4 SLAM-ER (PP). I always configure all weapons to fly the LOW profile. I step through the weapons to check for it prior to launch. However there's always one out of the four launched weapons that applies the MED profile. Track is included. SLAM-ER Test Laud 01012022.trk
  4. Let's say I set a TOT on SEQ1. Unboxing SEQ1 makes all TOT indications (HUD/HSI) disappear. However, once I set SEQ1 active again, the TOT-data is back as well. So for me it's not actually resetting it. I'll give it another look again the next days. As long as one method works I'm all happy.
  5. Tried it out and have to say that for me only making WP0 TGT works to get rid of the previous entered TOT. Still good enough!
  6. Gonna add a bumb here too. NVG-Ops are close to impossible with all lights in the pit on Mega-Bright. It would be awesome to hear a word about that issue after this considerable amount of time since being reported... TY guys and have some nice holidays!
  7. How can one reset the TOT once it's not needed anymore? I can un-target the waypoint but the HSI remains showing a desired GS. Entering 0 for TOT it takes that as 00:00:00. So how to get rid of it? TY!
  8. TY! Seems like I didn't scroll back far enough to look for posts already made on the topic...
  9. Great work so far. Have you considered releasing the ERC as PDF so it doesn't get pixelated on zooming in? Just found the PDF...
  10. How comes that so many parking-spots at this base aren't usable? Trying to recreate the russian assets there is quite limited. Any plans on making more spots available to more types of aircraft?
  11. I rant about this huge missing piece for years. CAS simply feels dead due to the lack of units, camps, AI-capabilities etc. Whatever you can bring on the ground/water - I'll throw my money at you. As well as everybody else. At least once those who don't yet see how much this is missing. At least for everybody flying A-G Missions and Helicopters. I'd love to contribute but I have about nill useful skills...
  12. ROFL! This is nearly half a year old and just yesterday I spent a half day wondering why the KC-135 I put in a new mission was not answering my (F-18) radio calls. Switching to the drogue-equiped aircraft did the trick... PS: Frequency was correct. That far I knew from hearing him calling out my shots on him.
  13. Looked at it a bit more: What seems to happen for me is that all day/night- and brightness-settings get applied to the exported displays only. Should be the other way around at best. Unaffected exports, working dimming on the mainscreen-display. Flying at night is really a pain atm.
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