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  1. Thanks for your replies. All disabled long ago. The issue looks motion repro related. when MR is turned off fps seems more stable (50-55) despite multiple runs, however still jittery by the fact of low framerate of course.
  2. Guys, I think I need your support as I'm running out of ideas what else can I try in DCS to get it fixed. I fell in love in Open Composite and my DCS ever since I gave it a try. Silky smooth, stable 45fps on my not so beefy i7@10700/RTX3070/32Gb, very good visuals even on 70%OXR, pure joy... Then I realized it's that good only on the first flight/mission I run. Whenever I start another mission FPS drops to 10-17 and slideshow begins. Cleaned up, repaired, turned OXR Toolkit of and on, MR on and off, different maps, different graphic settings etc. Turns out it happens only when I use OpenXR w/ MR turned on. Every second mission onward FPS drops until I restart the whole app. Sometimes it helps to start a mission on a different map, but another mission on that map will be impacted. Obviously I'm not 100% sure it is caused by Open Composite, might be the reason lays somewhere else. Initially I suspected my resources limitations, throttling, etc. However it's not the case, resources usage gets even lower when the issue occurs, moreover the duration of the program running doesn't seem to have any impact. To reproduce the issue it's usually enough to spend 5 min in free flight on Syria, exit, run the same free flight again and boom, instant 10fps plus slideshow... Not sure there is a way to restart the VR session without quitting the DCS like ctrl+tab in MSFS, anyways, tried alt+tab and didn't help. Any ideas? Has anyone encountered anything alike?
  3. I have exactly the same issue, tried to add "rejoin" as an alias of "join", no way... Other words, no problem.
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