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  1. Thanks Heatblur! Great job. Great module. And it is free. Hard to complain about anything with that in mind. Very much appreciated. Deck color is spot on.
  2. If they are low, get below them About 1000 feet. If they are low then they are at the same altitude disadvantage as you in regards to missile max range and energy.
  3. That sets the takeoff trim value of 12 if you are referring to the Hornet. Which is what you use at the airfields.
  4. If I see it again I will definitely grab it, but seems isolated to me and only twice.
  5. Bottom one on the right is a Kitty Hawk Class. I may be partial but any devs want to do this one? Lol
  6. I agree with this post. The maverick is the one weapon, at least to me that is easier to use on the hornet with the tgp. I do the bore sight on the ground too and still have trouble with consistency when locking. I just started using vis mode and having better luck. Sometimes 2 per pass. Just more training I guess will make it easier. It’s a fun weapon to use for sure.
  7. It all works good until you lose a fan on takeoff. We don't have to worry about that though.
  8. It’s on the speed brake switch on the Hotas warthog. I had the control locked in the close position and it never extinguished.
  9. Has anyone noticed the speed brake light on all the time even when closed? I saw it once. Was not able to reproduce it. That was right after the previous update. Then last night I saw it again. I know last night was a hot start on the cat. I could swear the first one was a cold start at night on the boat. Both times the track was too big to send so I will see If I can grab one if I see it again.
  10. I have been spending a bit of time in the Viper lately and really enjoy it. I agree that it feels easier to use from the point of interfacing with it. Easier to get set up for weapon delivery. I pretty much only fly the F/A-18, the F-14, and the F-16 now. Love them all after the initial 20 hours in each. Glad I have keys to all of them!
  11. I guess the short answer would be because that is what the test pilots determined the best settings for that situation. Probably not the answer you were looking for but it has all been determined from the weight affecting the CG moment. You need the nose to pitch up correctly on the shot so 16 gets you correct in the light weight condition. As you load up the CG moment moves forward so you need more deflection to pitch up. Also, if you have full burner in coming off the end you will blast off. Light loads would not have the blower on when getting shot.
  12. I spent 4 years on a carrier and never once saw a flight crew come up with the plane. Pretty much most planes in the hanger are down there for maintenance and are brought up to the deck based on maintenance schedules. Pilots would walk to the plane on deck. After the flight it would have it's load out changed for the following cycle according to that days strike plan. This was true for training days as well as full up days. Unless maintenance dictated otherwise the same planes went every other launch. The spare assignment may have changed on different cycles, but for the most part the planes on the roof were the go planes for that day. Often at night planes would come up and be swapped so others could go down. Obviously if a plane went down for something broken, they would bring up a change out if one was available, but that is mostly why each squadron had a spare assigned. Often a spare would be from a different squadron of the same type. But it would be cool in DCS to be able to be able to get down to the hanger to be able to check it out. At sea though the hanger is full of planes, and not the vast open space you see in the game.
  13. We would also pour on the coals at night when flight ops were finished and head in the intended direction.
  14. Amazing work ED. All your efforts are very much appreciated.
  15. My HOTAS was a day late because of FedEx reasons. B&H refunded me the shipping cost without me saying a word. I would definitely order from them again.
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