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  1. JF-17的中文座舱MOD已经由某个制作组授权完成,并没有公开的途径获得,私下里去联系他们加群。总而言之FA-18C等中文座舱现在都免费出来了,这还捂着了JF-17也放了影响的。
  2. No, only the decoy in the missile's field of view is effective. For infrared guided missiles, the field of view is very small. We need to consider how to make enough flares appear in the field of view.
  3. Yes, yes, I also think the best combination of Chaff and flare is: 0 Chaff and max flare. Glad you share the same opinion as me. For radar-guided missiles, forget about Chaff completely and use other means of draining missile energy, ground obstacles, and more.
  4. According to my tests, Chaff is indeed like this, whether it is a continuous small amount of fire or a large amount of fire in a short period of time, it is useless for AIM-120B/C, R-77, SD-10. But flare is not. Only by firing 4 or more flares in a very short period of time can a flare larger than the aircraft signal appear in the small field of view of the missile at a certain moment. Only in this way is it useful. There's no use in sustaining a small amount of firing.
  5. There is no way. For an aircraft like the F-5, the operations are carried out entirely under the leadership of the ground command post. The pilot does not need to know much information, and only needs to follow the instructions of the ground commander to fight. When the commander asks the pilot to do visual identification, the pilot does the visual identification, and when the commander asks the pilot to fire directly, the pilot fires directly. But we don't have a commander in DCS, we can only be our own commander with limited information. So no matter how the aircraft's system is simulated, we can't get a real combat experience. In fact, a more intelligent air control and command system, as well as a more intelligent air defense network system, are the problems that DCS most need to solve.
  6. This is only a theoretical statement, in fact the perfect 3/9line and the rapid reduction to the ground is still completely useless for the R77 and AIM120. I've tested it many times, and in the missile field of view, 3/9line and with the ground in the background, the chaff is completely useless. Of course, the drop altitude and steering alone are enough to de-energize the missile many times, but this has nothing to do with chaff. I can't find any effective way to use chaff and how to set the delivery program correctly, such as quantity, interval, etc. Continuously firing a small amount of flares is completely useless. It is only useful to fire a large number of flares as a group, which requires maintaining visual sight of the enemy aircraft and firing a large number of flares immediately when the smoke trail of the missile is found. 2 Groups of 10 rounds are enough, and remember to turn off the afterburner.
  7. The correct way to use F-5 is to fight under the command of ground early warning radar or early warning aircraft. With the help of voice command, the battle strategy is planned and the friend or foe recognition is carried out. In DCS, early warning aircraft or ground early warning radar will tell you whether you are targeting the enemy or your own people.
  8. There is little information to tell us how to use Chaff and flare correctly. So what do you think is the correct use of the program? My opinion: 1. Chaff is basically ineffective for R-77 and aim-120. It is basically useless whether it is a continuous single launch or a lot of one-time launch. 2. Flare is useful for delivering multiple shots at once. When the missile is far away, if a large number of flares and targets appear in the small field of view of the missile at the same time, the missile will probably be attracted by flare. When the missile finds an error, the target often flies out of view. General missiles have a maximum off-axis tracking angle of more than 90 degrees, but only have a field of view of about 3 degrees.
  9. Why can't the IFF function be added? The IFF panel is on the right side of the cockpit, but it's just a decoration, which is a little abnormal.
  10. The Chinese production team was warned by their police not to reveal the secret. Although they guaranteed that the cockpit was fabricated, the police didn't know what the real thing was, so they couldn't verify it. They can't prove that they didn't leak the secret, and the police are not interested in applying for further verification. Ordering them to stop working is the best choice.
  11. Yes, everyone is. The F-22 can work normally with aim-120c missile, but it cannot use aim-120d.
  12. Under unbalanced mounting, the JF-17 can only maintain a stable attitude for a short time even if the roll axis is trimmed and the autopilot is turned on. Soon the attitude of the aircraft will deviate and become uncontrollable. I don’t know if it’s the real airplane or a bug in the game.
  13. My native language is not English, this is the result of the translator, the expression may be inaccurate. When JF-17 is mounted asymmetrically, even after trimming, the autopilot cannot maintain its attitude, which makes it difficult to maintain altitude during ground attack. The pilot cannot control the pod and the aircraft at the same time, which greatly reduces the aircraft’s ground. The effectiveness of the attack. Maybe the real machine is like this, after all, this is a bargain.
  14. Because the JF-17 is a Chinese aircraft, its instrument outputs the signal in metric units, but it is displayed in English units after conversion, so the data is not rounded.
  15. The native language of is not English, this is the result of translation, and the expression may be inaccurate. I'm sorry if you offend. What I want to express is that GBU bombs, CBU103/105 and LD-10 will not be intercepted. This is a type of problem and the same BUG. DCS has major flaws in this respect and should be corrected by the developer. This is not a minor problem with RCS. The air defense radar can even detect mortar shells at close range, not to mention these ammunition larger than 200mm in diameter.
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