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  1. Yes, that's the bottom of the loop. I followed the thread on airshows.co.uk forum with the disscusion that followed since the day it happened. It has now 28993 views and 174 postings with a plenty of posted pictures. http://www.ukar.co.uk/board/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=10;t=4868;st=0
  2. Win XP64 had gone gold about 3 weeks ago and has been on sale since the last week (OEM) here: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Operating_Systems_20.html
  3. Just like your reply to it? XP64 is finally out after 1/2 year delay at least. Lots of people have been waiting for the last 2 years to use their AMD CPUs up to their full potencial. There is a lot of good info already in this short thread about Lockon, SF and TIR in XP64 enviroment, and SF doesn't even get as much bashing as I expected.
  4. Automatic is default so I presume he is having it selected already. Changing this to "Every visit to the page" will force IE to check for the new version of the page on every click. I found automatic not to be so "automatic". The most of this kind of problems are sorted by clearing the cache.
  5. -Delete your Temporary Internet files (through options\general) -In "Options\general\Temp Internet files\Settings " select "Every visit to the page" -Best to restart the browser before trying to load the page -Use Firefox instead Make sure you dont't start from the shortcut, type the link manually. I hope this helps.
  6. Waddington 2000 had Thunderbirds performing at the end of Saturay only. They didn't impress me either, to many quiet breaks in the display. Yes, Stars & Stripes in the comentary was way over the top, people were rolling in laughter.
  7. You must have been at Wadington 2000, this was the last time I saw them in UK. I fell in love with Viggen that year after that awesome trick and a sheer power. I call it a "Monster" and only Eurofighter came close to her so far in sheer power category. The link below is to my video where Viggen slams down hard on runway, stops in 1/3 of it, reverses and do a 3 point turn, reverses little bit more and than takes off from that 1/3 of the runway in opposite dirrection of the landing. All car alarms went off like crazy! Video: Viggen-Waddington2000 (1.3 Mb)
  8. "As the Crow Flies", as a highly positive rating. This is from trophy categories used by Royal International Air Tatoo. In 2003 I've seen one of the best displays so far from the winner of this trophy, Captain Zoltan Szabo in Hungarian Mig 29. The guy hasn't left the edge of the airfield for the whole of the display.
  9. Bump This thread sunk down quickly with burst of 1.1 threads so many people might have not seen it. I should be safe now to bump this ;)
  10. This year The London Air Show went easier on the pocket for me, only a couple of life jackets bought opposed to last year's colour GPS . Enough of blabing, this year I noticed something that really shocked me by the way of presentation: Breitling Fighter Challenge 2005! The setup was as following: Two pits, operators console in the middle and the screen in front for the crowd with the same output as operators console. And guess what this setup was running on? The subject gave it away: Lockon! And how was it presented on Airshow's website: "Incorporating cutting edge military software" Pits: Three screens (~40 inch) joint together next to each other Saitek X-52 joystick Nice low sitting pit ( I coudn't descibe this one properly in english, sorry) Operators console: 40 inch screen In beetween pits Spectators screen: 40 inch screen Reflecting view on operators console In front of operators console Due to arriving late I didn't have time to try it out myself nor to speak to any members of the Breitling team (I am kicking myself for this now), so I'll just post quick notes of what I observed: - Mission was set over airfield in far south-west of the map - 2 F-15s opposing each other from a mile (or less) apart - Default radar mode set to key 3 - AMRAM missiles loaded - Operators screen fliped beetween (default) F10 map view (to show planes relative to each other to public) and external view of planes. If someone was shoot down by missile operator would flick to F2 mode and public would laugh watching crippled plane going down in flames. Just imagine how they would react if they had seen FC FM with planes falling apart and going down in the thick black smoke in several sections! Sadly, they didn't show the missile view while I was there. - Most of the people stalled, spun and crashed :biggrin: . Showes how Lomac is done nicely as a simulation, you just can't throw your plane around like there is no tommorow and expect not to get punished. Some people managed to use missiles, boy did they spam, and there was one chap who even switched to guns. - After a kill the game was over, operator would restart the mission only if planes spun or crashed early. - There was no lag or any online multiplayer problems The presentation was 1st class and I loved the fact our beloved Lockon was in the center of the attention. This is all about I can tell you and I hate the fact I had my camera on me last year, but not this one. I wonder if ED has showed something like this to military, if not don't worry I'll collect my royalties later ;). Link to brief description on The London Airshow Site: http://www.londonairshow.co.uk/scripts/php/pages/page92.php
  11. Oh, that would be sweet. I end up flying Mig29 only, mostly due to Russkie+R77 Combo and noticed a lack of skins for it. There are even more skins for Mig29A and I always wondered why so few skins are available. Many many thanks in advance. Damir
  12. I am a bit confused about Mig 29C, did you think Mig 29S? (I am currently in different country to where my Lockon resides, so I can't check) If so follow the thread posted by Pilotasso, it works a treat for me. Pilotasso, you are the man! http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=400102&f=38610606&m=4381053282
  13. Me too, and as in Chris case no issues and slighly better performance.
  14. I was just having fun with the guy, but I would have like to fly with him in hyper. And how would flying in the lobby settle the argument???? I thought 169th got more to their senses ever since Sven went away. I remember him calling every man, cat and a dog for a duel on HL when argument would not go his/169th way. Kind of reminds me of a loud guy in the bar asking everyone for a punch-up outside if the things don’t go his way. Not the best way to represent one of the best squads there. I see habit is still there, but rather than screamed across it’s now being done in more subtle way. Don’t take this in the wrong way 169th, but commenting “between yourselves” on the ED forum and asking for fights does not bring across the best qualities of your squad. I never said me against him did I? I said lets have a fly, I was thinking we could practice, I could show him some tips and help him out. I actually was thinking of the quote on the page 2 when posting: DeathAngelBR wrote: Yea, only a couple hours No not even close a few minutes, why don't you hop into hyper lobby now and lets have a fly? _________________ Indeed, even there it wasn't a direct call for a fight, sorry I over-reacted. It's the ghosts from the past ringing alarm bells, I certainly wouldn't want this board to turn into what UBI forums were at the time.
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