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  1. @Braeden108: Nice one! I have followed the same route, and had the parts printed too. Been sanding, sealing, re-sanding and had plenty of paint and varnish coats in the end. Here's how mine turned out: I haven't yet decided on the electronics, but here's where i'm a little confused: Have you taken any pictures of assembling your parts? By the way, i plan on using an Arduino Nano, but not 100% sure yet.
  2. Hello everyone, this is Bill -codename salaxi54 from Athens Greece. A sim-pit fan is a sim-pit fan everywhere, and i've been building my F-16 cockpit for quite some time now. Not even half-way done, but the spark is still there. I'm going with the scratch-built method, so most things are hand-made. I've picked a few random pics of my work to show: I hope this is enough to give you all an idea of how i proceed. Nice to be here!
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