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  1. Update your game to the most up to date Open Beta or Stable branch. (Check Version number here) Start your game (Logged in and Online) and you should be promted with the download AH-64 Popup. If not, where are you buying your modules? Steam or ED? What Version are you currently trying to start?
  2. Where are you located? I've a OD Jetpad (Sim Version). Don't plan on using it in the future, since it will wake up my daugther at night. If interested, send me a PM/DM. Have a good one.
  3. Pretty old topic. There are couple of tidier ways of dooing it. For £52.49 you get a DelanclipWireless. No external USB Battery or similiar needed. -> DELANCLiP Fusion (Wireless) (delanengineering.com)
  4. Ordered stuff start of April. Delivered end of April by Fedex and even a day earlier than estimated. All good. No complaints.
  5. He means the Joystick grip. The form of the top of the Grip will collide with this Finger Mouse and make it uncomfortable to use. Also a problem for Miles PointCTRL. V2 is better, since it has smaller Finger Controll Units.
  6. Last week I received my Hawk-60 Collective Grip. Everything is great except the 8-Way Coolie hats. I'm using the center one for Cursor sleweing and talking to George (with a trigger modifier), but I cannot hit any of the 4 directions reliable. Are there any settings in the Virpil controller software, which improve the function of those coolie hats? I would prefer to not use a external script. Thanks
  7. Dont have a seat, but other MT Stuff. You might get instant feedback if you hop onto the MT Discord Server. Many happy Monstertech Seat owners there. And their support team will explain everything in detail within minutes. MONSTERFOUNDRY Discord
  8. Pedals are also a big topic. I have my TPR's on the lowest settings and this has been working great. But I plan to add a oil damper. This could screw with this setup for Fixed wing. Are your pedals DIY? They look great.
  9. Another simple hardware way would be to simply use 3 buttons in a row (connected parallel to the same I/O Port), which gets activated with the pulling motion. You get 3 button presses, which "should" trigger the eject reliably. But of course you would need some travel distance for the ejection handle action.
  10. Agreed. I like the throttle as a button box (and currently as a Power Lever for the Apache), but I woulnt want to manipulate the throttle that far out for fixed wing. So I'm still looking for another way of moutning it. @Scott-S6I like your setup. Do you have more pics of your Rig?
  11. If you have the collective and the throttle mounted that they can freely move, then the throttle might be a bit far away for actual fixed wing flying. (depending on your arm length). But it's doable. Flying this way since I'm currently 90% in choppers and it works fine. But a 3h session in a fixed wing aircraft... I would move my throttle a bit closer. Best solution would be a mount that you can slide over the collective if you are flying choppers.
  12. So, the collective was sent last week and has arrive this Wednesday. Compared to my Komodo Simulation UH1 Collective (V1) it's a gamechanger. The look, the feel is awesome. Some short Pro's and Con's: + Solid Product. A lot of metal and sturdy plastic grip + Hawk Grip is perfect. So many possibilities to setup. + Price is OK (compared to the 1000£ Kommodo Simulation its a bargain) - Mounting is not as flexible as it could be. It works for my setup, but I can see the complaints of others. - Friction is not easely adjusted. A Thumbwheel would be best. One screw to tighten would be good. But having to adjust two screws (one on the bottom side) is a bit a PITA. Great product as I expected from Virpil.
  13. Hi Viper Any plans supporting the new M2000c DTC Function like you did with the Viggen? Thanks
  14. Twist-Rudder could always be a bit an issue. I guess Rudder Pedals is out of the question? Some things to check: - Check Axis, any double assignments? Somtimes- Everytime you connect a new game controller (Joystick, Throttle or anything with analog axis), there will be some "Auto-Assign" to Pitch, Roll, Rudder. Clear all exept your primary controllers. Even a F-16 ICP tries to be a rudder somtimes. - Fly with the Flight Controls Overlay, so you can check your trim state. Use Trim Reset if things go out of hand (-> Dooing Barrelrolls). - AH-64 arent overpowered beasts. Your loadout /weight has to fit the current temperature, pressure and altitude of your AO. If in doubt, take a lighter load. You will get the hang of it.
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