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  1. 1. Modules are for all servers so SC can be used on private servers. 2. Everyone will need to own the SC module to use it 3. If you do not own SC, you will not be able to spawn on the deck to takeoff or catch an arresting wire to land (as stated by the poster above)
  2. If you want the latest Chucks guides then look at his Google drive. Harrier was updated 1 Aug, 2022 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-uSpZROuEd3THNZeGZMYzF5M0E?resourcekey=0-N8V2z2L3K8inja1HK07iEQ
  3. From their discord. C.1P (F-21A), C.2, C.7 variants
  4. Adverse yaw behaviour is being adjusted, amongst other things. See
  5. They adjusting the adverse yaw behaviour. See
  6. Considering the performance issues people are having with 1 VR headset, 2 is really going to be an issue
  7. See Not currently planned. They also only do the trial version a few months after it is released so issues are ironed out.
  8. Already threads about this And it has been acknowledged and will be adjusted. There is also a mod that changes the buttons to white as a interim fix (see linked thread)
  9. There is a thread on Hoggit and someone has a mod to stop it
  10. Already reported Dev has already acknowledged the issue and it will be fixed in the future There is also a mod for this but it does not pass IC
  11. You might like this https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3325104/ CookieMonste just released a 1970s skin that features corrected colours, a tweaked camouflage and period correct roundels
  12. It is getting fixed https://forum.dcs.world/topic/305149-no-ea-discount-on-steam/?do=findComment&comment=5011332
  13. And you are not listening. It has been stated over and over that the F-16 we have is the USAF/ANG circa 2007 Block 50. Only weapons that were carried by this variant are modelled. Not weapons from every possible variant of Block 50 or Block 50 capable. USAF/ANG circa 2007 US Block 50. They have to make the cutoff at some point. If you allow 1 weapon not carried then you need to add them all.
  14. You can always find the latest guides here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-uSpZROuEd3THNZeGZMYzF5M0E?resourcekey=0-N8V2z2L3K8inja1HK07iEQ Sort it by 'last modified' to see what's changed
  15. From https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/miles_rules/
  16. Miles are generally only for ED products unless the 3rd party agrees to include their product (See point 2). And considering that a lot of people have already purchased the campaign, not sure including it after the fact would be fair.
  17. AdrianL

    frame rate

    Right Control + Pause by default. Each time you press that combination it will cycle between FPS Counter -> More FPS detail -> FPS counter off.
  18. Try to delete the bad folder first i.e. the full path to "KNEEBOARD "
  19. Bottom toolbar. You will see an icon on the end that looks like a tank. Tooltip will be 'Show Models'. Will show models if zoomed in enough.
  20. FYI The S-300 series clashes with the HighDigitSAMs pack. My DCS just crashes on startup if I have both installed
  21. From Viper mini updates: We have decided to return several items to the planned features of Early Access release. These include: Sniper XR Targeting Pod. RWR Handoff PRF Tones. Radar Velocity Search Mode.
  22. A lot of files changed after the update and the updated manual is in the doc folder. So assume it is in and the patch notes are just not included
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