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  1. Although the F-16 is capable of carrying 4 HARMs, only 2 stations (3 and 7) are wired to actually deploy the weapon. If you want to practice SEAD check the unlimited weapons, invulnerable and infinite fuel options in the setup.
  2. +1 Would like to hear about the status regarding fog and dynamic weather too...
  3. The detailing of the cockpit is exquisite. Looking forward to clicking that “purchase” button once it goes live. So many aircraft in my hangar, so little time. I wish I was in my 20’s again …
  4. M'am/Sir, The lightbulbs, although quite festive, are a H&S issue (glass shards and exposed electrical wiring) and therefore I see no option but to report it to the appropriate authorities. Please take it down immediately. Thank you, Kind regards, The committee for fun, laughter and general silly-ness.
  5. Bear Meet '98! I used that mug so much... That picture has almost completely faded away. Good times!
  6. Why would you want to carry both the litening-pod ànd the HTS at the same time? These tools are for different mission types…
  7. I haven’t received the newsletter (email) since the beginning of September. I’ve re-registered and clicked on the confirmation-link but to no avail. My profile says I’m registered alright but still don’t get the weekly mail. Can something be done about this? Regards
  8. I'm just wondering what the hold up is at the moment. Against better judgement I'm going to ask anyway... Is it going to be in the "near future" or is it being put on the backburner until other issues are resolved? Clouds were a fantastic and essential addition but until fog is properly implemented, I'm left wanting...
  9. Well, it's back in OB Position 35 55'52"N 37 56'54"E
  10. Still waiting what HB has in store besides the Intruder and this partnership. I NEED a Tornado GR1!
  11. Hi, For whatever reason I cannot select the "SSAA-" option to "On". The dropdown only allows "Off". I ran a complete repair but that hasn't fixed it. Before labelling this as a bug I'd like to know whet else I can try to fix this... I'm on Open-Beta with an 5950x, RTX3080 and 64GB Thanks
  12. I figured it out... kind of. "If all else fails... use force... if it breaks it needed replacement anyway..." I've renamed the entire "DCS.openbeta" directory in the "Saved Games" folder so that it would be bypassed upon restarting the game. Upon restarting a new DCS.openbeta folder is created and all my local settings are reset to the default settings. Un- and re-installing the F-18 module doesn't clear out the personal settings for this module and therefor the problem persisted. At least that's how my thinking goes. Problem fixed.... except now I have to redo all my key-binds. At least I have a working mouse and TrackIR in the F-18. I do wonder what caused the issue in the first place. P.S. Upon further investigation... In comparing the "old" and "new" DCS.openbeta directories, I have noticed that in the F-18C directory, there were 2 additional directories called "mouse" and "trackir" (as is in every other module directory) that contained actual files whereas in all the other module directories, there are none. These files are named "mouse.diff.lua" and "trackir.diff.ua". It seems these were the culprit and prevented the use of the mouse and trackir in my F-18 module. How these files were created is a question I'd like to have an answer to so I can prevent this from happening again to me or someone else....
  13. Thanks for looking into it. In the "control options" the middle-mouse button is set but doesn't do anything (holding the middle-mouse (-3) button). It also doesn't seem to affect any other module so... there's that... I am stumped. I can't link the problem to anything. I haven't changed my config or installed or removed any software besides updating DCS itself. It has always functioned correctly before the last update...
  14. I did not include a track file because, in my view, it is pointless. I can provide it if needed... My install is bog standard OpenBeta. No mods whatsoever. Alt-c switches mouse-modes but I cannot get "mouseview" to work at all. If I switch back to the "operate switches mode", it works as advertised. It's as if the mouse is not connected in (external) "mouseview-" mode. Again, only in the F-18C module. Same goes for TrackIR. It works beautifully in all modules except in the F-18C. I've done a "repair" and I've uninstalled (and re-installed) the F-18C module but to no avail. I have tried it with VR headset (HP G2) connected and disconnected (in stby mode) but that doesn't make a difference either. Again, everything works fine in all modules except the F-18C. AMD 5950X, 64GB, Gigabyte RTX3080, nvme SSD (Samsung 980 Pro) and a Logitech Pro X wireless mouse (connected in wired mode). It happens in all the maps, in Single-player and Multiplayer. Am I missing something?
  15. After a long hiatus from flying the L-39 (ZA edition) I can confirm that this graphics glitch is still present. Also, I can't properly place my camera (head) in the right position. It seems to be too far back, even with the camera moved all the way to the front (RShift+RCtrl+*). I had "forgotten" about this module but have been flying it for a little while today. It was a lot of fun and I'd like to spend more time in the cockpit. However, the glitches are really annoying. Any chance this is going to get a "once over" anytime soon?
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