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  1. I am owning the Gazelle for three Days and was able to get into AH within 3min. Usually i cutoff collectiv an dpull back to reduce speed. Than start to get in to hoover. Usually i fiddle collective betwenn 55-60% so vertical speed is about 0 and then i just working on the stick to get the chopper steady
  2. The later versions like MLA do have
  3. well hopefully they will implement the automaic sweep control as well
  4. definitly not for a beginner. He better get FC3 on sale and than something simple like a F-5 oder Mig-21.
  5. Hi there, just a question i tried the A-10A and the SU-25 on your server. Why can the SU-25 have R60 for self defense while the A-10A can not have sidewinders? thanks...have to try this as well.
  6. mhh i thought this should be neutral.
  7. My take off after watching some YT-tutorials....
  8. Hallo,...erstmal vielen Dank für dieses Skript. Ich würde gern wissen, ob auch die Weltkriegsradare implementiert sind. Ich hab die nicht in der Datei skynet-iads-supported-types.lua gefunden. Könnten diese integriert werden? Grüße aus Berlin!
  9. For some reason the F-18 seems to be the most favourite buy. I don't understand why. It is not a great plane. So Problem is more that there are too few slots in relations to the many F-18-Buyers. Never had an issue to get a slot to fly FC3, MiG-21, Viggen, F-5E and JF-17.
  10. Hi there, i was looking for server were i might be able to fly the Donkey, actually i came across the situation that all server where the I-16 is available, i can only fly it on the allied side. Actually also Finland flew the I-16 (captured units). So it would be nice to have that plane on the axis side as well. thanks P.
  11. lol...... that is a great workaround. Why there is nothing comparable for the Nukes...
  12. Thanks for this mod.....but i cant find the download link
  13. Or it is getting wierd above 3000ft when you loose it
  14. no.... i just mean for Anti-Ship the Viggen is my choice over the JF-17. The kill probabilty of the RBS is just higher and the warhead has also an performance advantage.
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