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  1. After some research it appears that Light (EDM property) does not work in game, even though it works in the model viewer. If you set an Empty to Light via EDM Object properties and export, it will not work.
  2. Hi. I've created a very simple model and I can get it to appear in game. However i am confused as to how lights work. I have created an Empty object and parented it to the armature. I then set it to Light in EDM property and set values. It renders find in ModelViewer but does not appear in game? I have also looked at Connectors but I don't know how to define my light in my lua file. It looks like this mount_vfs_model_path (current_mod_path.."/Shapes") mount_vfs_texture_path (current_mod_path.."/Textures") -- CWAY - Fudges Cone Barricade X3 CWAY = {}; set_recursive_metatable(CWAY, GT_t.generic_stationary) set_recursive_metatable(CWAY.chassis, GT_t.CH_t.STATIC); CWAY.chassis.life = 10 CWAY.visual.shape = "TestModel" --Burning after hit CWAY.visual.fire_size = 0 --relative burning size CWAY.visual.fire_pos = {0,0,0}; CWAY.visual.fire_time = 0 --burning time (seconds) CWAY.time_agony = 180; CWAY.Name = "TestModel" CWAY.DisplayName = _("Test Model") CWAY.Rate = 1 CWAY.DetectionRange = 0; CWAY.ThreatRange = 0; CWAY.mapclasskey = "P0091000076"; CWAY.attribute = {wsType_Ground,wsType_Tank,wsType_NoWeapon,wsTypeVAZ, "Fortifications", }; CWAY.category = "Fortification"; add_surface_unit(CWAY) Is there a complete list of properties for objects?
  3. What happened, in multiplayer: Loaded two AGM-84 Harpoons Selected HTPD mode. Designated ships on Radar with sensor select right Set seek to 25nm Launched at 40nm (two missiles) One completely disappeared This missile just headed towards space
  4. They don't have to add every single light on the airfield. For a lighting tower for example, just one real time light would be enough to simulate the effect.
  5. It's not as good as 2.5. There are hardly any white wave crests. You can't even see them at low level.
  6. Erm it's not even the reflections that are the problem. There are no wave crests and the sea remains dead flat regardless of weather. Reflections aren't the issue
  7. It just seemed to grow out of the ground as I approached. Then disappeared when I got closer.
  8. It seems that the sea looks like a completely flat featureless zone. I've tried adjusting weather and wind conditions but there are now waves. Wave crests seem to r ender but other than the it seems very flat.
  9. Looks good. But everything looks washed out
  10. It would be nice to get different pilot voices for the super carrier. At the moment it's just one mono-tone dude. It would be nice to hear some with character and also would be cool to have some female voices too.
  11. I'm making a mission that involves the Super Carrier and I would love to be able to place a sound object on the carrier that just plays whatever .ogg file I assign to it. It could be triggered or play on mission start. This would give some positional sound effects which would enhance the experience. I know you can play sounds in triggers but that is just playing to the player and cannot be heard outside the cockpit.
  12. Can't provide a track as they never save properly. But you can simply recreate using these steps. 1. Place a super carrier on the map with one waypoint (moving at the default speed) 2. Place an F14B and E2 to take off from runway on the carrier. I use a group of two F14Bs taking off from Cats 2 and 3. 3. The E2 should taxi from one of the left rear spaces so it launches from cat 3. This can be acheived by blocking its default parking position with static jets 4. Observe slow take off by F14s and E2. They are practically at stall speed when leaving the deck.
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