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  1. How did you manage to get that boring of a take from a joke.
  2. Guys I know what we must do to play this map. All we need to do is have almost 300k subscribers on YouTube. Easy peasy. I'm already at 195 subscribers only 292 000 to go.
  3. For me personally who is rather dim and easily confused by anything more complex than a zipper. I found watching grim reapers vidoes then making my own missions in the editor where I just do that one thing. I did a trilogy over Cyprus. First ripple bombing. Then using GBUs like I do here. And one where I used AGM88s and CBU95s.
  4. I'm gonna Norway the hell out of it. Mossie, F-5 and F-16.
  5. Any advice is welcome, the P51 is by far the warbird I have most trouble with. Yes I'm baying the engine. After killing it many a time. This is actually the first time I've used WEP more than a few seconds. As I'm a bit shell-shocked from blown engines. Yeah I'll have ot start using the rudder more. I don't know why I'm so conservative with the rudder, as I use it a lot in the P-47. I usually keep the gunsight zeroed at the convergians which is about 1000 feet/250ish meters? But I guess a fixed sight is better.
  6. Video from my Bomber Escort mission, 24 bombers, 28 P-51s, and 28 Fw190 and Me109s fight in the sky over France. So a total of 80 planes making lovely contrails. The B-17s reach their objective.
  7. Sounds like that will cause performance issues. I've found moving stuff from one place to another often makes things behave worse.
  8. Yeah I could buy a 1TB. But that means new windows install. And I hate that. I did it about a year ago to get DCS to run smoother. But man it's boring and annoying.
  9. I have only 500gb M2. I have to delete and download maps as I need then. Had to delete Syria to get room for Marianas and Gulf map. To South Atlantic map I'll probably have to delete all maps except the default Caucasus.
  10. I knew there was a cooling problem/bug. I was just surprised literally 20 seconds couls kill it. I was in a turn at about 160-170mph and went WEP just to be to complete the turn without losing more speed. And that was it. If the engine really was that delicate in real life, I doubt any pilot would come home from a dogfight. Pilots mistreat their planes much more then we can do in this game.(same goes for WW1 in certain other sims) Pilots describe doing stuff that would rip wings off or break the engine in a second in any of these simulators.
  11. It is counter intuitive to make a system that doesn't work when you need it the most. And will break an engine in 20 seconds if you are slightly to slow.
  12. That seems extremely counter intuitive. I don't need WEP when in diving at 350-500 mph. I need it in the vertical to get those extra meters, but in the vertical you go from 400 to 130mhp in seconds. I need when I get slow in a turn.
  13. Don't get my hopes up now. Right after Christmas become photo dumps etc. I expected both this map and Corsair to be released within weeks. But nothing happened. So hope the map comes soon. But since we still haven't seen any videos of the Corsair. I assume that one is still a long way off.
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