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  1. Trying to break my computer. 104 P-51s, Fw190A/Ds and Me109s is too much for my computer to handle in VR.
  2. The assets that got released in the last open beta patch. Everyone gets. Wether they own the SA map or not(which I think is very cool. and let's you make missions with HMS Invincible for invasion of Iraq. Letting the harrier be a decent stand in foe GR. 7s and 9s.) Upcoming assets will be for those that own the SA map. I haven't seen anything about a separate asset pack.
  3. I've flown the P-51 quite a bit, but I've always been deadly afraid of blowing the engine, so I've basically been flying it like it's a school buss, not only never using WEP but even flying well below Max continuous. So I've been trying to unlearn my baby flying, and use the P-51 closer to it's full potential. And it's like night and day, instead of flying between 150-250mph, I'm now mostly flying 250-400mph. As long as I keep track of the Dora I can't lose. I only loose if I lose the enemy in the clouds or against the ground(or if I run out of ammo) as long as I know where it is. I have control.
  4. So the wingspan thing is easy enough. 99% of the time you put it at about 33 feet. But the range should be continuously changed. I thought I was smart when I put it on the cursor axis on my throttle, but of course that one just resets when I let go. I don't really have any other easily accessible axises. What buttons/axis have you put the gun sight range on?
  5. Just wanna thank you. I went back to the P51 after flying ww1 and modern stuff. Just did a basic 1 vs 1 dogfight against the Dora. And kept it mostly at max and above 200mph. P-51 was a completely different animal. I was almost always on the offensive against the veteran AI Dora. If I only could learn to shoot too.
  6. Needs map before assets. Sure the ww2 Marianas map might work as a stand in. But there's very little land there.
  7. That might be it. It was a long and hard dogfight.
  8. My plane got damaged in a dogfight. As I went for a landing I was completely clean, and about 1900lb of fuel when i started my approach. Yet could not keep a hover unless I went well above 100% and using lots of water. The day before I landed having 2 sidewinders and 2 empty fuel tanks. And could hover indefinitely at about R105 not using any water. At around 1400lb of fuel.
  9. Flying over Fox Bay tank my FPS in VR.
  10. With HMS Invincible in the game, I thought I'd actually learn to take off and land. And I tell, you this is probably the ugliest Harrier on a carrier landing you'll ever see.
  11. Don't mind, me, just learning to start up, take off and land the Harrier on the Carrier. Edit Early 80s style
  12. Didn't understand much of the VREST page, but I tried to get below 2000lb of fuel, and that worked. I didn't want to drop the tanks, as the british always tried to land with them.
  13. Now that we got a good Harrier carrier. I thought it was about time to learn to land on one. But I just can't I followed the grim reaper video. I have about 2500lb fuel by the time I land, I have the flaps down, water on, nozzel is anywhere from 65 to 80 degrees, but once I get below 70-80 knots the plane just falls into the ocaen, even if I crank the nozzole to 100% in the grim reaper video he can hover just fine, but I fall down like a rock. He could hover at about r93 thorttle while I fall down even at over R100 besides the about 2500 fuel, I have 2 sidewinders and two empty fuel tanks,
  14. I need to get better at low level bombing in the Skyhawk.
  15. From magnitude 3 Facebook.
  16. I got shot down by seacat going about 400knt and 400 feet. I was about 1nm going perpendicular to the ship. I redid the run this time going 450+knots and 200 feet same direction and distance. And the ship didn't fire.
  17. Mossies still won't fire RP-3s at ships.
  18. Sadly the AI mossies are very reluctant to use their rockets. I've made a mission based on this. But since the AI mossies don't use their rockets, they get shot down.
  19. Well it would be a mod. As long as you get the power, flight model, weapons etc correct. I could live with a bit generic air to air radar based on best guesstimate based on what info you could scrounge up online. Until razbam makes the proper thing(if they end up making one)
  20. I wonder if some modders could do to the harrrier what some have done to the Su27 and F16. They've made a full fidelity Su35, and made the F16 sufa. That's some pretty impressive stuff. Mabye same can be done with AV-8B? Make it into a Frs1 or probably easier GR3.
  21. I've tried the trigger Made a START trigger on the flight. Then made a trigger in the trigger part. On mission start--> More than 300 seconds -->AI push task, and the flight. but after 5 mintes have come and gone, the plane still dosn't start.
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