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  1. In the mission editor, placing a "SAM SA-10 "Grumble" TEL-D" actually puts in a 'S-300PS 5P85C', and vice-versa. The "SAM SA-10 "Grumble" TEL-C" places a 'S-300PS 5P85D'
  2. To add, a CASE I recovery doesn’t start at the break. You won’t be able to safely make a Marshall stack over the carrier at night with multiple flights lights off and radio silent.
  3. Bug: the Course Line on the EHSD is always rendered in the default yellow-green color, even if the other elements of the EHSD are in a different color via the MAPM -> COLOR option.
  4. Depends on the level of alert. For the highest state of readiness you might have a couple jets idling at the departure end of the runway ready to go.
  5. Against a superior pilot in a superior plane? You’re gonna lose for sure. But not for the reason you think. You can’t go into a fight thinking you’re the worse pilot in a worse plane. You have to believe in yourself and your airframe first!
  6. It’s possible to have a sophisticated model without physically stimulating each electromagnetic wave. It’s all about how many input factors you’re considering. For your sonar example - imagine a submarine game where the sonar model doesn’t take into account surface ducting or the effect of the thermocline.
  7. I think you mean MRM? As in MRM / DGFT switch? No difference between MRM mode and AA master mode. The main advantage is you can be in AG mode, and with one flick of a switch, go to either DGFT or MRM mode, and then flick back to AG mode.
  8. It used to work that shooting a Super 530D while in TWS automatically switched you to STT. Does that still hold true?
  9. If the carrier is set on a constant speed and heading, you can set a waypoint where you expect it to be at the time you plan to return from your mission. If you happen to arrive early, just backtrack towards your starting waypoint and you should run into the carrier.
  10. Can confirm this bug is still present in both single and multiplayer modes in the latest Open Beta. Track attached. Like the other players, I had problems after: 0) Changing elevation and distance via Jester menu (no problems here) 1) Launching Phoenix in TWS 2) WCS auto-switch to TWS-A Turn cold... 3) Change elevation and distance via Jester menu - Had to go to RWS mode as it was stuck in TWS-A even after I turned cold and Jester won't let me change elevation. Turn hot... 4) Launch Phoenix again 5) Bug begins! CLICK CLICK CLICK!! Not able to use any ACM modes or STT lock. Sparrows only work in Boresight mode. F-14 Bug.trk
  11. Command Modern Operations has fire and flooding damage for ships. The damage accumulates over time until the crew is able to stop it. The unit’s skill level determines how quickly the damage gets under control. A low skill crew could lose the ship, when a highly trained crew could save it.
  12. While we wait for ED to add a waypoint indication, a workaround is to use the course line, which always indicates the required course TO the selected waypoint to determine which one you’re heading to.
  13. True but this is a concession for gameplay purposes.
  14. I would like an option to have the LSO grade given to you via speech after landing in addition to the current system. It would be really neat. That is all!
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