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  1. Seems like it is correct. Tried searching out in the real world and it seems from this shot that indeed the two rudders deflect inwards with no input. Thanks for your feedback Golani, learn something new all the time.
  2. Ok thanks. No expert either but I still find it strange that I get the situation like below. Medium right pedal medium left pedal While not as effective as having both rudders deflecting wouldn't the above reduce turn performance and general rudder performance? Found it tricky to control on take off roll due to the deflected rudders but as speed increases they do center but I find then that full rudder shows very minimal deflection of the control surfaces. I mean really minimal as in barely out of center position. Slowing down and they head back to their on ground appearance
  3. Sorry second time typing this. Lost all the text first time. As you can see below I have an issue with the F18 and how it reads the inputs from my pedals. I do not have this issue on any other DCS aircraft or game. You can see the pedals are working fine in windows properties and even within the DCS axis controls setup dialogue. Note that I see a line in the control assignment when pushing left or right pedal which I don't think I've seen before but even so it seems to be correctly reading the inputs. F18 bug? Any ideas for a work around? Thanks centered Full left Full right Assignment Centered Full left Full right Full right shows line. Centered shows nothing or a dot. Full left shows line to left. Example to show that other things don't have the problem
  4. They should be harder to kill than a single engine fighter but that was set back before all the damage model changes. Pretty much was just a guess based on repeated empirical testing. It may no longer be a good choice of value. Found the video, very nice
  5. Sorry was just thinking about that. Civvy DC3 was the first one done. The other two were later adaptions and have a different EDM (3d shape) so possibly that explains the green block. IE old EDM not supported anymore. So I suspect that the merged mod set is essentially allowing the civvy dc3 to use the edm from one of the others variants. Not really sure however as Markindel is the 3d modeller not me. If you could see the old civ DC3 in action and compare it to the new you may find the new one works a bit differently as it likely had different animations.
  6. The paratroops are defined as a weapon that is chute deployed. So - at least with the definition used at the time - I doubt they are destructable or have a damage model. <edit> The C47s were destructable when released but no idea how they are these days
  7. Use WW2 bombing like a B17 etc. The length of the bomb run controls the frequency the cargo/troop ejects from the aircraft. Shorter = faster drop rate and vice versa. It is a bit fiddly but you can get it to look very close to the real thing with a bit of mucking around
  8. Merville-Calonne appears to be incorrect and using a 1970s Nato layout instead of: https://forgottenairfields.com/airfield-merville-calonne-1065.html pg 241 https://www.ww2.dk/Airfields%20-%20France.pdf
  9. Something that might be of interest re the airfield you took off from https://forgottenairfields.com/airfield-merville-calonne-1065.html pg 241 https://www.ww2.dk/Airfields%20-%20France.pdf
  10. Considering the tasking for A20s in real life late in the war as mostly low level tactical support they probably are setup as fighter bombers/attack aircraft rather than strategic bomber or whatever the B17 has in it's lua. Past mods like the He111 etc specified an attribute of something like attribute = {wsType_Air, wsType_Airplane, wsType_Intruder, WSTYPE_PLACEHOLDER , "Strategic bombers"}, to get them to behave like level bombers. Note the above comment is an semi educated guess and not sure knowledge but what you describe sounds like the attributes of the A20 are telling the AI to act like a fighter bomber/attack aircraft from the games point of view
  11. Hence my comment about making airfields change with time or be a composition able to be placed in the editor so you don't end up with a single map locked to a very short period. This is true of WW2 probably more than any other era as airfields upgraded within a year or two significantly as operational needs overrode cost to a very large degree or in the case of French airfields became disused and deliberately sabotaged and ALGs were temporary things that moved every few months. Ditto with Luftwaffe airfields in the last year or so. There were few permanent fields with concrete strips and dedicated buildings as these type of airfields were always targets for bombing. If anything the Luftwaffe became more mobile and expert at temporary LGs than the Allies.
  12. Be even better if somehow the airfields and locations were linked to date ranges and changed with scenario date or perhaps locations linked to templates/compositions and dates so that the templates could be maintained and the appropriate one used for each time period. The general map environs like towns and villages (war damage and war specific structures excluded) likely didn't really change much between the late 1930s and late 1940s so pretty much from a flight simmers viewpoint as long as the airfield's appearance and location match the time period the one channel map could cover all the way from Battle of France to the end of the war.
  13. Just an FYI that each edm is slightly different due to the rear door animations. Paratrooper version opens the jump door when it reaches the drop waypoint and the cargo version removes the cargo doors (which could be detached in flight) at the drop waypoint and the civil version doesn't do either of these things.
  14. OK perhaps something changed in the game to make them work again. Nothing did for the DC3s in user downloads but good to read you have it working. <edit> yep definitely working again although I can see a couple of minor lua errors I will have to look at and upload an updated version when I get a sec. Also have to remember the best bombing run length for the carpet bombing action to get the chutes dropping at the right frequency. It was too short in the clip below so they came out a bit fast
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