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  1. Yeah I know that is why there is shaking but the rotors aren't moving so there is no reason for the shaking.
  2. Digital Combat Simulator 2022-03-18 06-48-23 (1) (1) (1) (2).mp4 Video explains itself.
  3. @BIGNEWYI've posted SP tracks in a earlier comment
  4. Top one is time to target or time to pitbull depends on range to target for the next missile you will fire.
  5. ACM Bug-2.trkACM Bug-1.trk So I had reproduce this in some way, there are part with ground clutter and parts without ground clutter, I wasn't successful with reproducing exactly like in the video but I've experienced that before in MP dogfight servers where the HMCS is already aligned like in those tracks.
  6. This happened to me many times but as I only do MP I don't know if it's SP related, I will try to do reproduce that but it happens at random with no way to know how to reproduce at will.
  7. @RomaKrelian holy cow that's some amazing work very cool to see that, and thanks for the photo
  8. @Mud Yeah we all like to do some trolling from time to time
  9. @RomaKrelianHow did you do that? it looks amazing @Hawke81 Yes please, and thank you
  10. Can I have this photo with no watermark I want to put it as a wallpaper, Thanks.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's the HB and TG is EF and not the community mod, tell me what you think. Das.
  12. Yup there is a way, we do it in XSAF you are welcome to join as and check out the server. We also do it with ammo and airframes so might be the thing you are looking for. But I'm not a dev so I can't really tell you how it's done, so if you are interested please check as out. Cheers, Das.
  13. Was wondering if it's correct as is, when trying to align JDAMs or JSOWs I must have A/G mode selected plus I need to use/select the exact bomb for it to align, if I go out of A/G mode or switch to another type of bomb the alignment will stop until I come back to that exact bomb. Thanks beforehand, Das.
  14. Can we get this livery please, thanks.
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