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  1. Thanks for the screenshot and right away the problem clarification. I always had the skin White Nose Wulf on Storm of War and had concluded from these to all. What is obviously not correct.
  2. Will be delivered in the course of the day. But the left is red and white striped and the right is plain gray (this is not a lighting effect).
  3. The Texture of the right wing gear indicator seems to be incorrect, this should be the same like the left one, or iam wrong?
  4. With my buddy, the data was not displaced into the RAM despite overfilled VRAM. At the time of the crash, the RAM was not fully occupied (64gb), only the VRAM overflowed. The way data is displaced and reloaded depends on the implementation. I may be wrong, but this was the situation I experienced. In multiplayer I had already made the experience that if the RAM is not enough on disk is written and reloaded accordingly. This led to noticeable jerks, but not to a crash. The crash reported here should occur without any previously noticeable jerking. I've read your other reports and agree, I wouldn't rule out not cleanly released memory either. Even though I haven't had such problems yet, even after a long time of playing. But that can also be due to the modules used.
  5. Iam realy shure it is your vram, even if u got 64gb of normal one, it wont help. My friend got an amd graka with 16 GB of RAM und he run into the same problem. The 3080 got only 10gb or iam wrong. Unless u reduce the amount of space which will be allocated in the graka the game continues chrashing.
  6. I love the Anton, especially in dogfights. The machine, like any other, has its strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, it is neither inferior to the Spitfire, nor the P51. I'm a bad shot, but their guns make up for my weaknesses.
  7. The error message refers to your graphics memory, not your ram. Use smaller textures or reduced object details and it will work. A friend had the same problem.
  8. I believe you, but maybe your ISP has made changes in the meantime. Try it I guess it will work.
  9. This problem can certainly be traced back to the use of Ipv4. When they try to connect via Ipv4, they get the message "Server offline". Make sure that your server has an Ipv6 address. The players who can't connect will have to use the Ipv6 address to connect. This worked for me without any problems. The problem is caused by the internet providers, when they only assign Ipv6 addresses. To handle Ipv4 requests, a lot of users are assigned only an Ipv4 address, but internally they are mapped to Ipv6, which makes a bidirectional connection impossible. Ipv4 must be abolished, therefore use Ipv6.
  10. But the aircraft disapears after some minutes, a static would stay there forever. Or im wrong. I understood Grimes answer in a different way. Its seems that the taxiroutes are not fully connected. After the plane lands and parks at its position there is no way to get to the catapult again. And the game cleares the waypoints and set the landAndRefuel one to its last. Starting in a parkt position seems to be a diffent case than land and park. Its just a guess.
  11. Writting a script solve nearly every problem, but i like semantic sugger I dont want to restart the mission every 2 hours and yes ships are slow, but after 2 hours they traveled some miles. And this would make things easier.
  12. It would be cool to place waypoints relative to an entity (example: a carrier). While the carrier moves the waypoints should move with the carrier. Its might be a problem to have moving waypoints, but the editor could calculate a bunch of static waypoints, but the limit of of them could be the next problem with that i guess. Ive got a carrier mission where tankers are spawning, but after a while the offset to the carrier increases, and thats not what I want. Or did i miss something an this is allready implemented?
  13. Create a mission with a carrier (I testet all carriers). Spawn an Aircraft set a waypoint landRearmRefuel on the carrier and append one more in the air. The Aircraft will land and rearm, but it does not start again. After some while the AI aircraft disapears and will not fly its mission. The same procedure on an ground based airfield works perfect as exspected.
  14. Hi, make sure that the server has an ipv6 address and connect using the ipv6 address. This is what u need to type in to connect, you need to replace the address part [ipv6 address]:10308
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