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  1. Came here to report this problem but I see it's an old one that still exists. Suggested fixes: 1. Short term. Disable the ability to control tankers or AWACS. Or at least give mission makers the ability to. All it takes is one player who doesn't realise this (or someone being an idiot) and the tanker on the server is useless. 2. Longer term. Make it so that moving units around doesn't remove their AI task. This would be great in MP missions when you don't want to wait for the tanker to complete the sometimes arbitrary tanker track that the mission maker assigned. or 3. Give the ability to activate any of the list of AI push takes from the CA menu in F10 map 4. Another option. Make it so that players that don't have CA can call the tanker towards them using tanker radio menu
  2. Flew the 21 for the first time in a while today and the. It seems to be back. You can turn the brightness down with the knobs under each light panel as a workaround.
  3. There is a Mod for Nevada with RSBN stations, which seems to be part of the sim now. Not sure how it works but you might be able look at it and make it usable in Marianas.
  4. Circuit breakers don't have white bands around them which indicate when they have been pulled/popped.
  5. +1 Please just record the data DCS gets from every single flight anyway. MP data would be great to have!
  6. And these people holding up examples in museums as 'help derp look this is how they are'. But if you've actually been around real aircraft that are old but still flying, the cockpits look really terribly scratched and chipped up, but the canopies are beautifully clean on well maintained aircraft. And the clean canopies on DCS aircraft still have some artefacts, crazing and reflections as the sun moves around on them (I actually remember when this effect first came out on LOMAC and it looked amazing then and still does).
  7. TRK Attached. Also noticed another weirdie when recording it. Last WP in the SEQ was 5. TOT TGT was set to WP4. If I scroll through the WPs past 4, the req'd ground speed disappears. Will send you a DM. Thanks! TOT issue.trk
  8. OB 2.7.7..15038 It seems TOT/Groundspeed cueing does not function as it used to/is supposed to. Currently, the groundspeed req'd to make the TOT changes when you click through the waypoints. This shouldn't happen unless you have AUTO boxed on the HSI and CPL SEQ selected on the autopilot. If you do, the jet will calculate the req'd ground speed for you to fly sequentially though each waypoint beginning with the next selected WP, so it makes sense that it changes as you click through them as this effectively track shortens your route. If you don't have AUTO boxed though, it should calculate the GS req'd to take you DIRECTLY to the TGT WP. This should not change as you select each WP and did not used to. Note that this has nothing to with the GSPD setting. This is optional and I don't have one set. (The ED Early access guid makes it sound like it's req'd but it's not) P.S Neither the ED early access guide, nor Chuck's guide covers this the AUTO vs groundspeed logic.
  9. I know you guys are in the process of updating the cockpit. I've been around many aircraft - old and new - over the years and even the krappiest, older ones have clean, clear canopies if they're in flying condition. She's already challenging enough to fly and fight, so at least could we please have a clean canopy? There is a user mod that allows this, but it triggers integrity check in MP.
  10. LOL I see a you are a man of excellent taste in Comedy as well.
  11. Great Campaign thanks Bunyap! I love the history of the Red Eagles and this does it justice. Especially the special guest voiceovers I also love practicing the SFOs. Guessing this is something you got from the SMEs. This is something lacking pretty much everywhere else for all single engine aircraft in DCS. But it's something that is practiced regularly in RL. But having the mission reloading just after takeoff through via the F10 menu is really killing it for me. Why go to all the trouble of a cold start, taxi, takeoff and setting up the cockpit how I like it (a multitude of switch selections and setting RSBN up), monitoring your fuel state and knowing exactly where you are - only to have an entire new mission load just after takeoff that puts you in a different position, sometimes with different weather and more fuel? I know the DCS ME has limitations, but surely you can just activate the units (e.g F-15s) you are supposed to interact with by using the F10 menu once airborne, rather than loading a whole new mission? The FWIC intercept mission was good, but once you get killed just once, you get sent back to base which also seems like a big waste. Usual thing to do would be to fly to a certain area to 'respawn' before re-joining the fight.
  12. OP here. Just to clarify. My idea was really for missions where the player aircraft are set to ‘client’ but mainly designed for SP. So, say you have a mission with 4 different types of helicopters, you can choose one and the others will show as parked, unless you do decide to play it MP and someone else takes the other ones. It just makes more sense to have an airport with a few aircraft sitting around and when you choose one, you can still see the others.
  13. If you build a mission with multiple flyable client aircraft it would great to see them as static aircraft if not taken by a player. At least for aircraft that are set to ground or ramp start. Maybe as an option. Would make the airfield look more populated.
  14. They are saying 'passing' which means going past a point. The point is reference to the 'bullseye' (bulls) point. It's a common point that friendlies reference, so that the enemy doesn't know where everyone is. In your case they are 198 degrees and 24 miles from the bullseye.
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