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  1. I've ordered an 11900K and Asus Strix Z590-E so hopefully it'll arrive early next month. I was running an AMD 5950x (fell for all the hype) however since I bought it late November I was getting loads of WHEA errors and BSOD's. It was a big step up from the 8700k I had previously but it wasn't stable at default settings. I RMA'd it and AMD confirmed it was faulty so I'm now waiting on the replacement so as I can sell it to pay for the 11900K. I hope I've better luck with this chip, performance wasn't the problem, just stability. I've already got the 3090 to go with it, it's been faultless.
  2. Hi Eugel, I use the steam app fpsVR when tuning DCS and other games in VR. It shows FPS/and how much your CPU and GPU are being used by displaying frame times. It's handy for letting you see in game what's the weakest link using different settings, GPU or CPU. In your case it would give you an indication of how much difference the 5800X makes over the 6700K using the same settings / scenario.
  3. Hi javelina1, what 3D Printer do you have, I'm thinking of buying one but don't want it to be too small.
  4. Ah, thanks, I learn something every day.
  5. I came from a Valve Index and experienced loads of problems getting things set up properly, not only in DCS but IL2 Sturmovik as well. With help from other members on this forum and experimenting I'm really happy with the G2 now. As far as the stuttering looking sideways, make sure motion smoothing is on in Steam VR and WMR. I only had it on in Steam VR and it didn't work. To enable it in WMR to have to put your headset on in Steam VR Home. If you press the menu button on the right controller it brings up a settings menu. At the bottom of the menu on the left hand side is a round button with a smiley face. Press that to open the WMR settings. In there you can turn on motion smoothing. I didn't know that until someone on the forums pointed me in the right direction. In Il2 I was getting an almost cross eyed, one dimensional view which was really annoying as nobody else seemed to be having problems. What cured it for me was whilst on the desktop, open WMR and go to settings at the bottom left of the portal. I went to Headset Display and instead of putting my own settings in, I let windows decide. I initially thought I was being smart by putting my own settings in - which were correct but that screwed IL2 up. Maybe it would mess with other titles as well. I've just built a new system and am still installing stuff but so far so good.
  6. Hi Eaglecash867 and everyone else that helped, all sorted now. Coming from the Index, I assumed that the SteamVR motion smoothing check box enabled motion smoothing in WMR as well but as you pointed out it doesn't. I've enabled it properly now and it's as smooth as silk again so the G2 has a reprieve. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Hoirtel, yes, I'm seeing different draw distances in each eye as well which makes my eyes feel a bit weird. I thought it might be because I can see smaller objects in the distance now so it's more pronounced.
  8. Thanks for helping eaglecash867. I'll have to investigate WMR for Steam VR motion reprojection as the FPS goes up and down between 90 and 45. I have the standalone DCS but have added it to SteamVR. Within SteamVR settings I definitely have motion smoothing enabled for DCS within per-application video settings. Is there somewhere else I need to activate it?
  9. I ordered a G2 in July and it arrived a couple of days ago. I already have a Valve Index and am really happy with the performance, very smooth and fluid. The only thing that could be better was the image resolution which is why I ordered the G2. I disconnected the Index and connected the G2, installed relevant software and started DCS. The image is crystal clear and very sharp. I dialled down the settings a bit to maintain similar GPU load and 45 fps owing to more pixels. Problem is if I look sideways out of the cockpit in any plane the image stutters and I'm getting ghosting and double images. Looking forwards is ok. It's almost like image smoothing is off but I've tried both ways and it doesn't make any difference. I turned everything down to negate any FPS issues and it's the same. Also, the opening screen / menu flickers like mad when loading. Is anyone else experiencing this or do I need to keep adjusting settings. I've already followed the guides in this forum from other helpful members. I was almost putting the G2 back in the box and returning it until I tried X-Plane 11. No issues whatsoever, smooth as silk and brilliant clarity. I'm running an 8700K at 5GHz atm with 32Gb Ram and an MSI 3900 Gaming Trio.
  10. Me to, invalid username and password.
  11. 3482 arrived today and I had it fitted and running in 20 minutes. Really good job, much easier to slew radar cursors etc than default.
  12. Thanks Miles. I've got large hands so I've went ahead and paid. I'm left handed so I'd me more inclined to keep hold of the stick and press buttons with my left hand. Terry
  13. I just got my invoice and am really looking forward to getting PointCtrl. I'm using a TM F18 stick however so it would probably be better for me to wait for the smaller version 2. Before I finally decide, does it make a massive difference when using this stick and are there any other changes like battery life or extra functionality. I don't really want to wait any longer tbh because I'm like a big kid waiting for Christmas.
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