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  1. Looove that piece of math and it made me go "hmmm" considering my little hobby of a Canon 30D with lenses and trips to airfields and planeshows. Not as expensive as your hobby, but expensive enough to put it in perspective of a price tag of € [insert random two digtis here] :pilotfly:
  2. Woot - [going mad on Google to find some Intensive-Russian-web-courses-for-pilots] :)
  3. - Actually that sentence put a smile on my face. This is going to be SO much fun :)
  4. Actually in the bottom left of every forum page can you change the forum language between Russian, German and English.
  5. Damn nice to hear about the work in progress. The complexity of BS is beyond me and we'll never learn about your difficult workdays - and if I know developers right - nights too. I hang in there and wait. I'm very good at that :)
  6. I like to hear that. Nice to hear good stories too :)
  7. Okaaaay... ;) And working here in DK too
  8. I have waited before. I'll wait again. "It's finished, when it's finished"
  9. 36 - in Copenhagen, Denmark. Still lurking in the forums, but this little "distraction" keeps me from flying much :) http://www.troest.nu/albums/new_nanna/slides/IMG_3474.html - 14 months old and finding everything on my desk very interesting (including the very heavy Cougar)
  10. Yes - two different persons. And as far as I remember, there was even more hero-Kuznetsovs in WWII. Here is the admirals memoirs - And it MUST be something for Alpha ;-) http://admiral.centro.ru/memor00.htm
  11. Here you go, A6003: http://www.troest.nu/AAR.mis. Actually we're quite reasonable chaps on this forum. You don't even have to curse, before someone helps you. But as GG states. Next time take a deep breath, before you let the ranting begin. And to answer your second question. No, there isn't any easier way. No quick-mission for AAR.
  12. Sounds weird. My first reaction also was the key bindings, but since you already have checked that, my next idea is to ask if he has any HOTAS connected, that for example "presses" some keys in any way/changes mode - like the dogfight-button on the Cougar?
  13. Damn, man - I saw the pics on your galleries, and that is some amazing shots. I really liked the skydiver series and your really great tourism-shots. What is your own personal favorite shots?
  14. Awesome. Really, really liked the "finding-focus-effect". It gave the movie a good movie feel - like the camera man was standing there, trying to focus on the fastmovers. You had a movie-grain-filter in the beginning - gave it a great feel. The "company intro" was cool and stylish. I would show this to any potential new Lomac-pilots to win them over. Only request is a storyline - I luuuve stories, and you definitely have great editing and movie-skills. :-)
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