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  1. Something significant appears to have changed with this patch and it's not good - F14 radar on TWS with AIM 54 seems "porked". In the Instant Action "Beyond Visual Range" mission on Persion Gulf Map, I could pretty reliably press in at a slight offset while reducing altitude and take out both Mig 29's with Phoenix TWS shots (one at ~30 miles and the second at ~19 miles). Now with ZERO changes on my end, the TWS tracks drop before 30 miles range and do not reappear. So... pre-patch both Migs could be taken out consistently - but... post-patch it's not possible as the tracks drop and do not reacquire for some reason. So something definitely got screwed up here. It's very frustrating as DCS never seems to settle down - I get's it's open Beta, but things that worked keep getting broken!
  2. https://youtu.be/7BQaVbWgf60 Link to video showing this problem - I continue to be amazed at how major stuff like this is not caught in testing before release? I get it's a beta, but this is pretty standard settings for a higher end PC and with zero mods!
  3. I see the same issue! How does something this obvious make it out? Does anybody actually review these updates comprehensively before they push them out? Geez!
  4. And yet he got a very professional response and validation of the issue from Iron Mike. While I don't agree with all of the rhetoric used, the lack of a realistic trap model on this awesome represention of the most ironic naval aircraft of all time, this long into the release, is a little disappointing. It's nice to see that Heatblur acknowledges this and is committed to getting it right before they exit early access.
  5. Yeah - WTF is up with that??? How can ED not fix this? They think it's OK for a sim that stresses realism to behave like this??? I can launch a smokeless AIM-54 from WAY beyond visual range and as soon as the missile is fired, the AI starts dropping chaff??? That is messed up and ED should be ashamed of themselves for not fixing this massive, very obvious flaw!!!
  6. This approach seems odd (and surprising) to me and why there has been a big disconnect on the discussion on AOA indexer brightness - if you don't validate your changes in the actual game, how can you know that you actually addressed the user's issues? At the end of the day, how things work in the actual game we are playing are what matter?
  7. Did some carrier landing practice today - what a pleasure to actually be able to use the indexer to confirm on-speed approach as I could actually see it clearly. Thanks again for the workaround for this bug!
  8. Thank you - great find!!!!. Hopefully, this means that there is no reason that HB should not be able to formally fix this since this workaround proves that the indexer lights can be much brighter in the F14!
  9. If the F14B, it's probably because you are launching in afterburner - which was prohibited in real-life, anyhow. That's the only time I've seen a blackout on cat launches.
  10. Agreed - Also, why does the Ai start dropping chaff as soon as I fire a Phoenix in TWS when they would not be aware of the launch until it switches to active homing? That seems to be a pretty big issue that should be fixed as it's not realistic at all.
  11. Actually, it's not good quality control at all or the mistakes wouldn't be there in the first place. It's more that they are responsive to input and will correct when errors are highlighted (which is a good thing)... though, recently, there seems to be communication issues around what makes it into patches. HB and ED need to sort this out as it comes across as a bit of a "sh_t show" with respect to owning the patch content along with some finger pointing around who's fault that is (which is not a good thing).
  12. So... since you said it was fixed internally back on the 19th, did this get addressed in today's patch as there is no mention of it?
  13. Thanks - so from yours and others' responses, it's just a recording from one eye thing and when actually playing you are seeing a centered view? I Have not yet used VR so thanks for explaining the effect. i just received my Reverb G2 so hoping to get it setup soon.
  14. Question - your view point looks crooked - is there a way to center it in VR like there is with Track IR?
  15. "On Devil's Edge = BVR" Instant Action mission in single player in Open Beta. After taking out the 2 Mig 29's with TWS Phoenixes and getting TWS tracks on the Mig 21's, Jester decides to switch to RWS for no apparent reason - usually right after a Phoenix launch (but not always). When then instructed to switch back to TWS, he does - but immediately switches back to RWS followed by the sounds of him rapid-fire pressing buttons like a madman in the back seat. I believe I saw IronMike say they could not duplicate this behavior in another thread that I can't find - but it happens almost every time for me, so super easy to provide these tracks - hopefully they can help diagnose the issue. Please fix this as it sucks much of the fun out of using the F14! Jester RWS frantic button pressing 3.trk Jester RWS frantic button pressing 4.trk Jester RWS frantic button pressing.trk Jester RWS frantic button pressing 2.trk
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