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  1. Hi ,asked this question long time ago ,also about changing color ,to see easier but no reply
  2. Welcome , hope you have many rewarding hours with DCS , Vector1
  3. Lighten up people we're all friends here aren't we
  4. Japo32 Life's a bitch ,deal with it . everyone is in same boat .
  5. frostycab , you are exactly right , and I think people are always looking for somthing for nothing , THE WORLD DON'T WORK THAT WAY PEOPLE! , sorry for yelling , thanks Vector1
  6. Japo32 , you would bye the South Atlantic Map for your enjoyment , People should worry about theirselves , If their Friends dont want or have no money , they should get a hobby in their price range , it would be stupid to get into something you can't afford , and then expect ED to provide everything free , they want to make money too!
  7. Japo32 if they made the maps free for everyone and then had different levels of graghics , of whether you payed or not would create the division that everyone is complaining about , Come On , Please have a really good think about it! , They are not buying the Maps now and the Graghics are Really GOOD
  8. Simple answer , Get new friends that have the same maps and modules you have , ?
  9. Japo32 if ED makes maps free in multiplayer , I'd doubt you would bye them offline ? , why dont you bye them offline now , and then there is no issue for you in multiplayer .
  10. Where are you , what country for shipping purposes ? Vector 1
  11. Hi Just think that they have been thrown under the bus for nothing more than it inconveniences the powers that be at ED , so it's seems to me that there is no appreciation going out to the people that try to make it a better forum . Yours Vector1
  12. Hi it's not about trust , it's about the people putting them self's forward , to help out and then having the recognition ripped away from them ,for a nonsensical reason , yours Vector1
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